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Kristina Lehner


Lauf, Germany

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Kristina Lehner

Looking up,
tears in my eyes,
i see her,
flying free,
into the sun.

I see her,
flying, dancing
but never alone,
others around her,
dancing with her,
leaving with her.

I watch them going,
waiting for her
to turn
and say goodbye
but nothing happens.

I see them disappear,
all of them,
flying free
into the sun,
I watch them leaving,
a thousand souls
and one.

We will never forget


Kristina Lehner

What a feeling
the first love,
the first kiss
-we will never forget

We knew it wouldnt last
and that we would never forget
this first love,
this first kiss
-no, we will never forget

Just for a while
we were happy together
in our first love,
our first kiss
-we will never forget
those days

Be a Lady


Kristina Lehner

Donīt frown, donīt run, donīt cry donīt shout,
Be calm, be gentle and beautiful,
Smile smile smile,
be a Lady!

Donīt hurry, donīt argue, donīt laugh, donīt think,
Be polite, be elegant and silly,
Smile smile smile,
be a Lady!

Donīt know, donīt ask, donīt worry, donīt be fast,
Be content, sit still and be quiet,
Smile smile smile,
be a Lady!

Be perfect, donīt look sad,
A Lady is always content!
Obey, donīt be unfriendly,
A Lady is always present!

You canīt be a fencer
You must be a dancer,
Smile smile smile,
be a Lady!

May your feet get sore,
May your arms hurt even more,
Smile smile smile,
be a Lady!

Be a mother, a wife,
A Society lady,
Smile smile smile,
be a Lady!

Water - Haiku


Kristina Lehner

Water, streaming, strong,
Flooding, floating, the power
To give or take life.