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Nicki Lefebvre


Chilliwack, BC, CA

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Nicki Lefebvre

The birth of your awaited smile
Was embraced by the moon's radiant glow.
I looked up, and I could feel in my heart
That you were with me.
Although we were so far apart
Everything became one in that instant
And in that instant, I was obsessed by your love.
I could hear your echoes calling my name
Out to the stars.
The sky was so undecieving
On that warm summer night.
Through the miles, I heard you and
I wanted you to hear me.
I could almost feel your touch, taste your breath.
You tell me you love me in my world
But I don't know where I belong in yours.
I want your moon to explode my name with its radiance
But that will only happen in my world.

Miles Away


Nicki Lefebvre

Miles away, you are apart
In your mind, in your heart.
The love and happiness you felt is gone.
You thought you were the only one.

Lonliness and sorrow have replaced the past
With nights that just don't seem to pass.
The separation of your hearts now
Is the paradox of the closeness you once bestowed.

Emotions flourished, and behold perfection!
Fate was leading you in the right direction.
The one and only love you shared
Took you places beyond compare.

His fingers in your hair, his kisses on your mouth
Was there ever any doubt?
You walked in the rain, you dacned in the sun
You slid down a rainbow and melted into one.

The rainbow has become your obstacle
And color in you life is consequently dull.
How could something so good turn bad?
The dreams you shared, the life you had.

The situation changed the time and place.
The past is memories, the future is fate.
Miles away should be put behind you;
Move on and let a new love find you.

My Vacant Soul


Nicki Lefebvre

For a long time, I would look at life
And find a barren field.
This life which was secluded, confined, and dark
Was also unbearably real.

An existence full of misery
Anticipating a reason to exist.
An intimidated soul looking at life
And wondering what it missed.

This was my vacant soul
Distanced and isolated from life.
Suddenly you shattered my world as I knew it
And entered my heart like a knife.

I escaped my emptiness and opened my eyes
To a world so enriched with love.
The weight on my shoulders was ultimately replaced
With radiance from the heavens above.

I now look at life and see a field full of roses
Covered in fresh-morning dew.
I am refreshed I came out of my shell
When fate brought me someone like you.



Nicki Lefebvre

I know your heart has been broken
I can see it in your eyes
Loneliness is written all over you
And the pain is carved into the lines on your face
Like a deep wound
I was there with you
During the torment, the devastation
Remember me?
You used to call me your child, but now am I a stranger to ou?
I know... I know
If you will allow me, I can help you
Just take my hand
There is a way to safety... trust me... I know...



Nicki Lefebvre

Hey you, sitting on the corner
With a cigarette in your mouth
It's been awhile since I've seen you
You look different somehow.
Your hands look so worn, your body, so tired.
I see a new sense of pain,
A part of you has died.
I don't have much to give you
To help your situation
Maybe the clothes on my back
To ease the frustration.
Here's some food and some tea.
Here's a blanket from my car.
How did this happen to you? I guess it caught you offguard.
You had the world at your fingertips
Just a few years ago.
Everything on a silver platter
It's all come crashing down,
this is how life happens
In the blink of an eye
To have your world flipped upside down
Now it's do or die!.
WHen everything comes back into focus
And the blur is clear
It might take awhile
To see again.
You gotta get back up, dust yourself off
Hold your head up high
And continue on.
Because we've all had it hard one way or another.



Nicki Lefebvre

Can't say I know why
If I'm growing or if I'm just growing older
But everytime I come back to this place
I fall in love with something new.
Looking through old pictures of when we were younger
It's all so old, dusty and forgotten
Lazy lives and lost dreams
Are left to hang out and dry.
It must be the feel of nostalgia
That lingers in the air tonight.
There's an ol' romantic feel to this place.
I know when I look into your eyes
I see the story of black and white
The story of once upon a time.
You don't realize you're living them until
You're looking back on the good ol' days.
The wishes scattered of a small child
Blowing into the wind with the dandelions.