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Sam Lee


Jakarta, Java, Indonesia

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The Waterbaby


Sam Lee

Cradled in the bough
The petty infant teared
Devoured, fractured, dazed
Pretty in pink, yet seared.



The designated fate
Lay in the wishing well
Of ample light and clear azure
Cleared signs of living hell.

The lilies wet and doused
Of tiny patterned stains, the
Earth is taint with carmine spots
The rocks stand still in shame.

Silence is golden yet
Deadly no less
Leaves of gold heaven
Slowly confess.

Raindrops unclouded
Tell truth, the unknown
Challenge seven wonders
Sends chills to the bone.



The trellis holds the full-grown now
The season comes to end
It’s knowledge bounded by the grove
Yet enlightenment ascends.



The Quay


Sam Lee

Forested by the blanket of stars
Admiring the cordial quay
And molded into the blackest of skies
Was your face, looking at me.


I reinstated angst, with you
Effectually skirting my vanity,
But glory of this infinite type
Forebodes the margin of insanity.


You quenched the love I never knew
Promised days of tomorrow,
A volumed life, a steady ground,
A guaranteed flight of sorrows.


Oblivious traits restrained the conscious
The austerity holding me,
Unable to condone relentless sins,
Conjured by the idyllic quay.



Sam Lee

Passion is permanent on the end of my quill,
A surrealistic view of a dream.
Of my sustenance, affliction and spirit,
Suddenly susceptible to what's not seen.

Your curious hunger ascends on itself and
Through my words, your question are fed
And although my lips are not always parted,
Love speaks best when no words are said.

Passion is all that i cannot discipline,
Its implements are overpowering through
Obsession that craves my brimming attention,
Because passion is my description of you.

To Leave You


Sam Lee

I don't want to leave
Although I know it's made
But cringed thrusts brought to my head
Feels not, like I am saved.

Leaving you means losing myself
Thus killing both our souls.
Til end of days, I'd love you more
Than any heart could hold.

Chance has no mercy nor do I; faith,
And life, it has no truth.
He gave me wings but forbid flight,
So love I could not choose.

But soon is when I said I'd leave
Your eyes are all cried out.
Time should die and us; re-live.
Hating soon for being now....

Love's Paradox


Sam Lee

Can't get enough, still crave for more
Your touch, your ways of stare
Still drift to where you're not
And live in hells nightmares

This paradox and endless maze
A Romeo beseeching love
Reversly, walls of dead end stones
Is chaos from the peace of doves

The touch of palms and glance of two
Steals my wings of flight
Permanently, reluctantly I'm held by you
And dreams no longer fear the night

Sore complaints, but lust remains
I search for eyes of dark and hurt
And empathize my lifetime quest;
The rebirth of love's worth

My Fallen Angels


Sam Lee

My hallowed fallen angels
The saviors of my soul
Divulging radiant beauty
Caress, protects and holds

My heart that bleeds with wounds
Anguish, distress and weak
Your charismatic powers
Are the refuge that I seek

Virtuous words that humbly sing
Gentle odes of peace
Musical harps and angels wings
Tints of rose increase

As I lay me down to sleep
The cherry tone expands
It's time I've come to realize
I'm lying in God's hands

The fallen angels raise my soul
And yield it to the sky
The pond of red I once was in
Was small from way up high

The other man who lay with me
Was sprawled from head to toe
But he was not brought up with me
His soul was forced below

My heavenly fallen angels
Stay with me for a while
>From nightmares that I cannot bare
I'm just a sinless child

Her Will


Sam Lee

"Feel the music!" was all that she heard
in loud screams and shouts in her ear
and 'can't you play better than this stupid girl?'
broke her heart and provoked her tears

the maiden so fair, picked flower after flower
letting her tears trickle loose
and the sun with its rays gazed on sorrowfully
like a mirror, it reflected her mood

with scented paper and a flowery hue
her unique quality quill
she sat with perfect script and stance
and gingerly wrote her will;

because I won't be here no more
offer my sense of touch,
to the boy who sits in the chair with wheels
I won't be needing it much

because I won't be here no more
grant my ears to he
who wants to relish the notes so sweet
they were no use to me

because I know that I'll be gone
give my heart and soul
to the girl who has no love at all
and make sure that she knows

you dont' choose who you want to love
even though it feels complete
but if the one you find is true
that's surely life's best treat.

To Die a Rose


Sam Lee

picking a flower for everyday,
petal obsessed in every way
'this one's for you'
the little girl said
colour to her cheeks
one less in that bed.....

and those daisies grew tall
and those lilies stood sound
but the girl of rosed cheeks
not as much on the ground

ask she picked the buds daily
and teared 'til she slept
she remembered the secret
she knew was not kept

French Penny delights
Rimmed with gold shade
Like the dusky orbed sundown,
Her memories hath fade;

Of sour thoughts of bitter love,
That roughed the pacific blue
Of shouts or even whispers small,
And 'This one's Not for You.'

As those memories relinquished
And her bed of roses perished
She lay there nudely toned, bejeweled;
With the petals that she cherished.

Melancholy Plains


Sam Lee

Kiss me as though
It be your sweet last
Let those starv’d lips
Bring back treasured pasts

We stand all alone
On the bronze solid earth
Yet your gaze avoids mind
And questions my worth

Has jealousy fled
And envy taken flight?
For you are my captive
‘Til there be no light

Have thou yet forgiven,
My pitiful sin
Of loving you greatly
Although from within

Thou think me a fool
Other maidens do laugh
But control is obscure
When love’s flight is in path

So kiss me as though
It be your sweet last
On this melancholy plain
Of the scorched silver grass.



Sam Lee

I cry because it is painful to pour out sadness
to an empty hand that wishes to fold again
and leave me in the

I want to take your hand, place it within me
so you can reach in
grasp the fear
clutch it with anger and minus
it from my state of mind
left in peace from

you are a part of the hand that strangles me
like being held by your fee, upside down...
blood rushes and the feeling is so intense
yet so

sorry, are you sorry?
no because you always forget why.

Hating You


Sam Lee

They say there's no such thing as hate
Then why is it all I feel for you?
Do you feel the pain that lurks within me?
You could stab me with a knife,
But that's too easy

Hating you with a passion
It's so easy not to feel
Sympathy for your tears and your fears
You scarred me for life, I'll never heal

Your toungue is like a blade that cuts so deeply
Unaware of harm it tends to do
Do you know the feeling of pure sadness?
Like falling from a height and crashing
As if in madness

But it's...untrue..

That I .. need you..

Hating you with a passion...



Sam Lee

"Maybe Not You - To be read, with pain."

You sit there and wonder why
I cry,
And I try.
To forgive you for the way that you lied.

It wasn't to hurt me, but to assure the insane
And now,
That it's gone.
Your lie hits me most, 'cause my heart is untame.

You can't feel it but I know you can see it
In my eyes,
The bruised look.
Because you felt it too, when it was your soul I lit.

You'll never be there when I need you to
The distance,
The "others".
Will rip us and torment me, maybe not you.

I am Waiting


Sam Lee

What are you waiting for?
For my feet to step out of your way
I'm auditioning for the world,
Just to see some light of day.

Who am I waiting for?
Bread-crumbed trails of your trace
Bits and pieces of your life,
Essence of your whole embrace.

Why am I waiting for you?
I swallow down such painful tears
So what are you waiting for?
Whisper what I need to hear.

The Tunes


Sam Lee

Because behind every sunset
Lays the sly storm
And behind every fondness
Lays the heart; torn

Insolent tunes of the merriest weather
Make the ludicrous fool
Seem that he is most clever

Because sparks in my eyes
Show beauty and flare
If I bare shame to face
It should still be there

Insolent tunes of the merriest weather
Fool the heart and the mind
That they work together