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Cindy Lee


Seoul, Korea

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Song of a Homeless Girl


Cindy Lee

Hello, my name is Annah
I live in the box-house 'round the corner
There is no food to eat or clothes to wear
and there's nobody to love me there

Sometimes the darkness and the bitter cold scares me
And the silence and loneliness, too
But my tears keep me warm
and the stars keep it bright
and my song makes it less lonely tonight
and I smile thinking of you

You passed me by this morning
You sent me the most glorious smile,
and that you see is all it takes
to help me through the long while

It shows me all the reason
to sing, to love, to live
Dreams and hopes and beauty,
that is what you give

I see feelings that I've never seen, places I've never been
There are valleys and flowers and trees and blue skies,
there is love, friendship and charity in your eyes

I pray for your dreams, and I pray for you
I pray upon the stars that your dreams will come true
And I hope someday I'll be able to
Smile back, and give to you,
As much as you have given me
All the hope and all the love
that this world has to offer.



Cindy Lee

I said good-bye to him
With a flutter of chrysanthemums
but ever so often I see him in my dreams...

It is the greenest of pastures
and the bluest of skies
and the whitest of clouds
that you could never describe
just listen, touch and feel...

He is there
with his hat and cane
and laughing with joy
and laughing again
He is dancing and singing
and he is laughing

A flock of lamb as white as the clouds
and a Shephard are near
the Shephard laughs, too
then continues his work

and suddenly all just disappear

But he is there, laughing
and the Shephard is there, laughing
...and doing his work.