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M. Faye Lee


Carbondale, IL, US

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Today's Black Man


M. Faye Lee

What is the problem with black men today?
When they open their mouths to speak of women they can't find a nice thing to say.
They constantly call us hoes and bithes and put us down,
When are they going to realize that without a strong black woman they would not be around.

What is the problem with black men today?
They try to pimp us, play us, and treat us any kind of way.
They're never there to uphold their strong black mentality.
Take a look in the mirror and face reality.

What ever happened to knowing where you come from and remembering how you got there?
The black men today will tell you they really don't care.
They'll tell you that they did it all on their own,
Then they'll probably tell you to step off and leave them the fuck alone.

What ever happened to standing up for what you believe in?
What ever happened to giving your brother a hand so that he can win?
What ever happened to uplifting your race?
These are qualities that black men lack when I look into their face.

When I look into their eyes it makes me want to cry,
I wish I could say that I'm proud, but that would be a lie.
They stare at me and constantly call me out of my name,
If someone was to ask me to call them my strong black brothers, I would be ashamed.

Sure there are brothers out there that stand out from the rest,
And those are the real black brothers, you know the best!They're the ones that black women run to meet,
Because there are only a few left on the streets.

So tell me what is the problem with black brothers today?
Why are there only a few that go out of their way,
To treat women with respect the way their mothers taught them to.
I wish they would pass this message down to the rest of their crew.