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Howard Lee


Houston, TX, US

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Howard Lee

The first time I laid my eyes on your face
I fell in love with you and my heart started to race
Your beauty equally matches your warmth and compassion inside
If I couldn't be with you, I thought I would die
Your eyes are like rainbows, there is a treasure to be found
but there is no greater treasure than you, anywhere around
Your body is like a sculpture created to perfection
But the only thing that can equal your beauty is your reflection
You must be an angel that escaped from the holy land
For you are far too graceful and elegant for any man
If everyone died and I was the only one to live
I would take my breath away, for my life I would give
Becuase without you, I'm a body without a soul
For you are my North Star that shows me where to go
Seven seas I would cross and the highest mountain I would climb
If just one more time, my lips would touch mine.