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Crystal Lee


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Pizza pizza!


Crystal Lee

Yummy yummy yummy yummy
Pizza pizza for my tummy,
Pizza pizza is so good
Eat it eat it yes I could.

Mummy mummy says itís bad
No more pizza, now Iím sad,
But I will get it some day, some way,
Pizza pizza yes I may.

Running running, break into a strut
Run to the closest Pizza hut,
Waitor! Waitor! Bring me food!
Get it fast, make a move.

Pizza pizza, scoff it down
To eliminate my nasty frown,
Pizza pizza in my tummy,
Pizza pizza, yummy yummy.

Pizza pizza was so good
Eat more eat more, yes I could,
Shovel it down, piece by piece
Look at all that stringy cheese!

Pizza pizza, cheesy cheesy
Right now I ma feeling very queasy,
I think itís time to end this feast
I really am a hungry beast!

Waitor! Waitor! I am finished here
Bring the bill over, thank-you dear,
Oh no! I cannot pay the bill!
Oh no! I am such a careless dill!

Running running, out the door
I donít think Iíll be back for more,
Jump the fence, run straight home
I canít control this nasty groan!

Running running, to the loo
My desperation to do a poo!
Right now I am feeling very ill
I think I need to take a pill.

Pizza pizza, yummy yummy,
Too much pizza for my tummy.
Pizza pizza is so good,
Eat it_ no I couldnít!