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Jenny Lee


Columbia, MO, US

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The Light


Jenny Lee

Cracked, broken, opened
No, it's the light, it's blinding these eyes
That see all, hear all,
Feel all.
Feelings, emotions, thoughts
Swirling around, it's a black hole.
Don't know what to think,
To do.
Yes-- see it, hear it, know it
Cannot differentiate it.
Don't want to know
Don't know what to feel
Don't know what to think
Don't open it
Or you will be blinded too.
Can't look into the light,
Too scared
Of the secrets it holds.
Not the truth
Never the truth
It is too harsh
It hurts.
Take the light, go, run
Run as fast as you can
Away from here.
All gone, it's all gone
Opened, broken, cracked-
Shut forever.
Yet forever engraved
A mere shadow
A shadow of what was
And will never be again.

Your Surreal Touch


Jenny Lee

You're there and I'm here, alone, in
Total solitude, trapped with gravity
By Mother Earth. Yet your figure
Hovers on the horizon of my celestial
Dreamscape. Why have you come back to me?

Your opalescent words relay a message
Of surrender and new-found youth.
And movement, you say, is no longer
A struggle. I assmued that you were with Him,
But you correct me. It is better than
That, you say, in a preverbal tongue

That only I can comprehend. Tears stream
Down my upturned face, as I tell you
That guilt still cries in my soul.
I did not fully grasp your purpose,
Why you served a pain-filled life sentence here.

And why, when you took your leave of mortal
Souls you touched witn uninhibited,
Unconditional love, love not asked for,
And often not returned, and earthquake
Shook my soul. A soft sigh of
Pain and soothing warmth escapes

Your lips, and wraps itself around me,
Lifting me to heights only imagined.
Where I understand, at last, that
You knew. You knew when I did
Not, that a part of my heart

Belonged solely to you. A flicker
Of your eyelids drops a velvet cloak
Around your ethereal form, and then is whisked
Away into the swirling atmosphere.
But not before your hand squeezes mine in a

Moment of understanding and total
Unity. A surreal touch that gives me strength,
Your strength, to obtain peace and
Completeness in my life. Saint Maxine,
Your soul lives forever in my heart.