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Raelee Lawton


Sydney, NSW, Australia

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A New Mothers Love


Raelee Lawton

my little flower bud.
Such sweet purfection
Planted in my garden bed
by mother nature herself.
How cherished you are
How sweet you smell.

You sit, you sway
with the earth and its forces.
Slowly Slowly
I am blessed with your blooming.
Young pettles of smooth silk.
I stare at your form
in disbelief of your beauty.

The sun and the moon
beam down their great power,
urging and empowering
your own strength and desires.
Your pace is slow.
Tentative yet eager,
opening up to brave my world.

How overwhelming the possibility
that your beauty will but increase.

One of a kind..
sweet perfection of mine.

Family can bring peace


Raelee Lawton

A small word
Too many meanings
Bringing rise to emotions
Mixed and sorted
Ones confused, others clear.
At one moment, safety
The next not.
At times eyes smile,
Soon after, a creased brow.
Then a tear, perhaps a flood.

Sobbing, quietly
It’s hard to breathe
Curled into a ball
Tight so small
‘Shh, keep quiet’
no-one to hear
let salt water
drain sadness away.

Time ticks, or is it still?
An uncomfortable moment,
Here forever, it seems.
Time frozen.
It won’t be removed just now.
Deep in my center,
Lodged. Hard as a rock.
Hand, held in place.
Then pounding, I hit.
‘go away’, please be removed.

Slowly, slowly,
Sobbing. Breathing.
Slowly, slowly,
Time returns.
A high pitch is heard.
Stillness, quiet.
Wet salty face,
Once rigid in ugly torture
Now soft, calm,
Muscles release, smooth breath.
Quiet reigns supreme.

Time seems still again,
Only in peace this time.
A smiling heart.
Freeze this please.
The stillness, tranquility.
Nothing matters anymore.
All cares washed away,
In the salt lake.
I have found home.
Collapsed, disheveled,
In the dark corner_

..In peace.