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Paul Larsen


Fridley, MN, US

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Paul Larsen

Standing in the electric primordial pool
We feel the power of the currents swirling around us
"Eureka" we shout as a simple switch
Evolves into a thinking machine
It is the beginning of the end
Gone are the books, typewriters and games of the past
As we turn upstream
Against the current of complacency
Racing toward the elusive fountain of technology
Shedding our baggage as we go
Uncared for as it drifts slowly away
The stream narrows and the travelers become more few
The wellspring seems a beautiful thing
From the distance
But the forerunners can see
There isn't room for them all
The rest must turn back
And rejoin the current of complacency
It goes easier starting at the top
But now the stream seems blocked
With some of the refuse we left behind
Hardly recognizable as our own
Is it too late to restore the flow
When we are forced off the mountain

Big Water


Paul Larsen

The hopes and fears of my ancestors are mine
Their awe, their wonder, unveiled to me
Alone on big water
Beyond sight of shore
Centuries pale on the horizon
Blurred by the immediacy of the sea
Steadfast, in constant flux, to no end
It makes sense to me

My Stories


Paul Larsen

Don't let me tell my stories
of horsepower, burnt rubber and speed
running through a roadblock
and drag-racing downtown
stop me when I'm talking
about the hotrods of my youth
I will never tell my stories
because my young friends are dying.

In Memory of Kevin Edwards

In Memory Of Paul Larsen


Paul Larsen

For Paul Larsen
With Respect
Joe Fazio

Weep Not For Me

Do not weep for me when I no longer dwell
among the wonders of the earth; for my larger
self is free, and my soul rejoices on the other
side of pain...on the other side of darkness.

Do not weep for me, for I am a ray of sunshine
that touches your skin, a tropical breeze
upon your face, the hush of joy within your heart
and the innocence of babes in mothers arms.
I am the hope in a darkened night. And, in your
hour of need, I will be there to comfort you.
I will share your tears, your joys, your fears,
your disappointments and your triumphs.

Do not weep for me, for I am cradled
in the arms of God. I walk with the angels,
and hear the music beyond the stars.

Do not weep for me, for I am within you;
I am peace, love, I am a soft wind that caresses
the flowers. I am the calm that follows a
raging storm. I am an autumns leaf that floats
among the garden of God, and I am pure
white snow that softly falls upon your hand.

Do not weep for me, for I shall never die,
as long as you remember me...
with a smile and a sigh.