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Adel Laouchem


Calgary, AB, CA

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Adel Laouchem

Halliloya are you twins fraternal forever father.
Hide your face how deep down you wished,
Prey's times make dust from rocks and death from the sky.
Hide your face up as long as you wanted
Your stars witnessed dust and death
It’s your creation at work,it isn’t?
Hallilouya ,twins forever.

Adel Laouchem



Adel Laouchem

raising shy sun

a new day,

a new yowling for an early morning’s prayer.



have you seen my head?

"Fellow the red-hot drops" whispered Babylon.

"then, turn right

where doors are always shut to invaders.


like that oily barbarian who has only freedom a heavy armoured Democracy to all.

Liberty a flying steels all over the holly city of gloom.

Fellow the red-hot drops", whispered Babylon.

"at your left,

a forgotten holly words,

writing book,

there, in the your right,

read in the name of God who created empty seashells,

read from God's Thanksgiving’s sorrow to all.

A hasty Barbarian,

holly warrior,

hired handy swords baying hot and red drops,

fleeing a billion dollars a day,

Fellow, that Mass Distraction agonys'

at the end of this madness's exhibition,

was your head" whispered Babylon.