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Amie Lancaster


Newcastle, NSW, Australia

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I Cry A Tear/Till First Light


Amie Lancaster

I walk in the park,scared and alone
I knock on a door, but no ones home.
Looking around, i cry a tear
I search for a face, but no one's near.
Watching the birds, flying free
I'm instantly jealous, and wish it was me.
I need no comfort, no console
When people seem half, i am a whole.
A silver moon, as i hush the night
And remain where i am, till first light.
Let it be, there's nothing you can do
For i enjoy being me, and i'm nothing like you.
Can the world except such a different one?
Who walks by the moon and sleeps by the sun.
For i'm turning over a new leaf
And resting by my eternal peace

Invisible Boy


Amie Lancaster

There is a boy i see everyday
Looking at me in that knowing way.
His eyes are stern- never letting me go
And i stare into them- what does he know?
Shutting him out- i try to ignore
But the harder i do- he's there some more.
And i saw the boy standing his expression knew well
Of a secret of mine i knew he would tell.
His smile seemed to laugh-this boy did not care
And i can;t try and fight it- the boy is everywhere!
When would he say it and what would be the day?
Vowing he's nothing i try my best to walk away.
The boy is hypnotising- there's much more for me to know
But how can i move toward him when his eyes won't let me go?
He's oblivious to the others- his only quest is me
And i wonder deeply about this- what will his quest be?
Is he telling or does he intend to play?
His frustratin torture hits me in every way.
Oh little boy why are you here?
And why is it YOu i do not fear?
our voice is the weapon, please do not tell
Of THAT secret i've now come to hide well.
I'm o.k now i have my life back
But he has the power to turn me off track.
A beg little boy? Watch as i beg for you
And maybe you'll realise that your in the wrong too.
His heart is not pounding-his breath i cannot feel.
Wake up to my conscience The little boy is not real

Why Judge?


Amie Lancaster

Why do we judge each other?
Is it reall out of spite?
Why should it truely matter
If someone's black or White?
Catholic or Protestant- Gay or are you straight?
It's just one endless circlr- a neverending debate.
Why do we look down at these people- why do we fail to see?
That these people are human- standing trial for being free.
They are our second class citizens- not aloud to have a say
And i wonder when we'll stop all this- and push it all away.

We treat them dirty and put them down
We say our digust with a simple frown.
Did anyone stop to imagine why?
Why we do this to people until they die?
You think it's truely fair- the battle you've already won
But beneath the gloating, surely your asking what you've done.
We walk above them, occasionally stopping to critisize
The hurt is unbearable in their fragile, undeserving eyes.
They can't fight back, and won't even try
IT asks for a fight if you call back a reply.
We order them around- make usre that they know
There's no place for them near us- they have to let it go
It kills them inside, that of which i'm sure
It's slow murder people- lets not do it anymore.