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John Lampson


Ashland, WI, US

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The Sickness


John Lampson

Sickness has taken its toll.
The girl is but a shell.
Her former self is one of spite.
The pale moon shines
As she talks of her life
With a friend she met six years ago
With a friend that cannot truly understand.
Yet that friend still says "I understand."
Yet that friend tries to understand
But the sickness is too great.
The phone goes back on the wall
And the cord cut
So that friend cannot call again
So that girl will not be disturbed
By her life's troubles
And that friend's false understanding.
And that friend keeps calling
Never to leave the girl alone.
The girl sleeps
Wary only of the pain she has received.
Never living for herself
Trying to help others
But the most important other
Is gone.

When to return
She knows not.
She knows only
That she has been
Bred by society
To be scorned by society and
Spurned by everlasting
She no longer possesses
That which she feels with.
She no longer cares
Of what will become of her.
What was her heart is gone.
She cannot feel
Except grief.
For it is all she has been given
In her short life.
She feels the
Will be soon.
Yet she will have done nothing
Will have been nothing
Nothing but somebody
Has always hated.

Stricken by fate
Is empty.
With words she feels
Printed tears on the page
In the book she once stole.
Now feels a darkness.
It is
In it
Is an escape.
From her life
She runs.
Frightened by the future
Remembering the past
As she sweats away
All her sorrow
Hoping to be noticed
So she can talk
With that she fears
That friend.

That which pretends
To be friendly
Is evil.
The thing once
Is evil.
Lays back
Hoping to find darkness
Which brings relief.
It does not come.
The girl decides it
Is a waste.
So she seeks
The alternative.
The darkness of life.
And content
With her
The girl sleeps.

Tomorrow the Tomcat


John Lampson

Did you ever give a poor man a ride?
And he returned the favor by telling the sun
that it was free and beautiful.

At once the world is brighter, the supernova
crashes that morrow will furnish us all.
Our well-being brought with it the master's
well-being tonight.
The night when being well meant all
was well in the world where we were
destined to coexist.

But coexisting without existing is
like an icecube without the ice.

There's no form.
No definition.

Be well, my friend.

Titled (to Becca)


John Lampson

Fulfill yourself of chosen din.

It certainly found you in a hurry,
Otherwise it wouldn't have left
like it did:
Bitterness and bees' nests which care.

Do you ever wonder why you're now
and not then?
You're both.

Isn't that great?

You're all you ever were
But not all you'll ever need.

Bring a lantern to light the tunnel
so you may be safe in it.
Nothing's worse than darkness.

Except maybe a lonely tunnel.

Shoes and Zen


John Lampson

The shoes that are never worn
are still shoes
But never being worn has made them
feel worthless and lazy.
Not the old, comfortable friend
a pair of shoes should be.
So wear those shoes with pride
ye who have feet
And take comfort in the knowledge
that kindness towards the shoes
Is not unrewarded, for the shoes
are the ones who protect the feet.

You Glorious You


John Lampson

Last night I kept wishing
that I'd wake up in your arms
and steal a kiss to start the day.
Maybe I'll wake, maybe I'll not.

But if I do, I hope it's with you
to absorb the light of dawn
and the beauty that I have come to know.
It's a long way back to where we started.

Not a long time though,
for all intents and purposes.
But then, who's keeping track?
Guess again about this man of nineteen.

Is it what you wanted?
Is it what I wanted?

Question = Answer

I wish I knew the question.
But that isn't all I wish for



John Lampson

Have you run away
or am I the one
who can't stop running
long enough to change
the way I feel about

Tea Time by the Seaside


John Lampson

If I never
yet another lever,
I wouldn't know the story.
The one where we went out,
Then never went back in.

That's the one you'd always tell
When I didn't want to listen
To you.

Misspent lies give the impression
that I didn't know anything.
The thing is, I just wanted
for you to think that
about me.

So don't give a damn for me,
Instead, shoot down my ideas
like you shot down the ducks
at the pond.
The one by my house.

The place I love.

God Is Watching Us


John Lampson

While it rather is true about the girl
you saw in the doorway,
that she is one of the chosen;
It is totally false that she
bears the scars of evil.
That is just plain ignorant, you fool!
Listen to the earth for the answer...

There is obviously a greater force at work.

New Phoenix


John Lampson

The heart is made to grow fodder.
'Tis absence makes it so.

Would I were there?

But how would he feel
Were it you and not me?

I noticed the door,
unopened yet not.

It's where my dreams began
and my whole world, too.

One More Time


John Lampson

Remember Minneapolis

I am the dragon
and you are the dog.

Have we met before?

That's not really
how it is, though...

Maybe in a past life.

A trip for one
this deja vu,

Yes, I think so, too.

I travel far
and bring back you.

Good to see you.

You're worth anything
I can give.

So what are you waiting for?

Bay Area Cruising Chantey


John Lampson

Townies Ahoy!

Out of our way
you little non-truck,
You have no right
sharing the road with us.
You are going too slow
on the way to the monster truck show.
If we have to, we will pass you
on the double yellow.