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Dessere Corin L'Amore


Madison, WI, US

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A Lesson In Love


Dessere Corin L'Amore

By A Wishful Lover

Love is the greatest emotion in the world
We all need love to survive
It binds us in our travel through life
In it we experience hope, excitment, sorrow and joy

What is the emotion Love?
T do not believe it is an emotion at all
It is a living, breathing thing
You can't define it, explain it, contain it, or set rules for it

There is no way you can 'make love'
YOu cannot do anything to force love on
It forms over years of tenderness and dedication
Love makes ecstasy, ecstasy does not make love

Love has many qualities
It is gentle, kind, patient and never jealous
Anything without these is not love
And the absence of love is emptyness

Love can come like a summer breeze
Warm, gentle and refreshing
Or it can come like a river
Fast, powerful and life-giving

To find love, you must find yourself
To find yourself, you must love yourself
To love yourself, you must accept yourself
The good, the bad, the talents, and the weaknesses

Love is always living, always breathing, always moving
Love is living among us, around us and in us
Without love we are empty shells in this world
And to have love is the greatest thing in the world.



Dessere Corin L'amore

I look up and see the stars,
I see nothing but stars,
they are shining like stars,
and remind me of stars.