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S J K Lambie


Welwyn Garden City, England, UK

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Nessun Dorma


S J K Lambie

No one sleeps, no one sleeps
Watch the stars above so bright
As it is only the lark who weeps
Carry my soul into the night
And you shall feel my might

But my secret is hidden within me
Like a nest in the tallest tree
My name no one shall know
To the silent night I do owe
From my heart, to the smallest toe

And as I pray and hope
A light will always shine
This gives me the courage to cope
As at daybreak, you shall be mine

When Will It End


S J K Lambie

Why does the sky always rain
Is it because the world is sad
Or maybe itís because of war and pain
Itís enough to make anyone mad

Every country has itís pride
Which can be a dangerous virtue
But when young and old have died
Small minds will be punished too

Good will eventually shine through
With rays of many victories
Man will learn to love thy neighbour
And all we will be left with, are the memories