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Mary Lambert


Winslow, ME, US

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Who, What, Where, When, and Why


Mary Lambert

Who gave you the right
To do this to me? To break my naive heart?
Who ever said
"It is better to haved loved and lost to have never loved at all."
I must say is not very smart.

What exactly
Am I holding on to? Am I so afraid to let go of?
What will heal
This broken heart?
You pushed me away with a shove.

Where do I go
When there is no place for me? When there is no me without you?
Where can I run
Since you left me here?
There is no place to run to.

When did you come
To the conclusion this would not work? To the fact that this must end?
When are you going to notice
I can not go on like this?
I have a heart I can not mend.

Why does it hurt so much
To know I can not have you? To know you do not care?
Why can I not realize
I need to get over you?
This pain is nothing I can bear.



Mary Lambert


Justice not served
Or justice unjust?

To cry i did
Long enough to dehydrate
In the back of my mind resident are screams
Earth crack and swallow me

Like a needle in the middle of the ground i am lost
In the eyes of mankind i'm ok

Like footsteps washed away by wind on shore
Nobody sees it

Strength less strong i act
Voiceless i shout
In silence i speak
Because to the sounding of my voice there is no ear.

Justice not served
Or justice unjust?

-By Kgadi La Poet



Mary Lambert


Yesterday i swallowed blazing coals with words written on them by granny's ink of wisdom,
As we sat around the fire turning history and issues to ashes.
With my stomach full to this day,every burp is a mystery

speaking in the was and the is,
Infringing ingrained literature rules,
mysteriously speaking mysteries,
Lost in His presence like a whisper in the night,
with shoes on,
I came out a royal priesthood.

A King noble and enchanting
To incommode the devil evacuating the bound.

What i'm actually saying is that
i was made a king sitting around the fire with spoken word maestros,
because the ashes also i swallowed.

The word of prophecy forever true
The scroll's within

I am a product of words written on flames

by Kgadi La Poet



Mary Lambert


Who said i never tasted death?
That its bitter taste on my tongue long it never lingered?

who said i'm alive?
For though treading the soil from which i was created
In a coffin in my gut i'm buried

More than once without all the care in the world to death i was stabbed.
with words sharp
Love not returned
Loved ones walking away with their footsteps cutting deep into my quivering heart
wounds stitches couldn't fix.

Within is a graveyard
The mind,a trash can

who said i never tasted death????