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Christy Kuppler


Ocean Gate, NJ, US

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The Sparrows Sing


Christy Kuppler

I look past a dusty sill onto a cacaphony
of yard debris.
Gaudy plastic pinwheels spin joyously
in the afternoon bright.
Sparrows chatter unceasingly,
arguing endlessly over favored plots
and tidbits of soil bearing pearls.

A chimney stands stoic.
Plastered against an era of forgotten architecture.
Two small windows lie to it's left,
barely framed, as if in afterthought.

In awe, I gasp as the bravery of the day thunders
The sun whispers it's secrets, then it roars.
Like a tigress, her lust will be fed.

Without malice, the wind lies her subjects low.
Bushes bow in deference.
Flowers surrender their petals to Mother's
succulent breast.
In the distance, sirens howl in sympathy with the dogs.
Yet, without remorse,
without recourse,
With joy,
The sparrows sing.

A Cancerian Reflection


Christy Kuppler

Moonchild, Moonchild
Shining bright,
Loves the evening,
adores the night.
Enchanted by the silvery light,
of the moons' shine,

Stumble bunny, acts so funny,
never knowing who'll she'll be.
She will charm you,
sometimes alarm you
when she's moody,

Spoiled baby, sexy lady.
She will haunt you with her eyes.
And when she loves you,
she'll stand beside you,
for she's

It ALL comes around...


Christy Kuppler

Without speaking, your mind cries out loud,
You seek solace from the disgustingly proud.
You know of the one's of which I speak,
the One's with no honor,
who witness you false,
With malice, with hatred,
with no just cause.

Your mind whirls with the stars
seeking beauty and space.
Praying for peace from the human race.
A cuddy, a cove, a warm cozy place...
You yearn for warmth
and a gentle embrace.

Manipulations and deceptions abound,
The Chessmen will battle
and their lies come around...
Tidal, Tornado, Tsunami, Volcano,
with too many people
with so little room
It will all come around...

I ask so many questions.
Confront a liar, will they tell you the truth?
Tida, Tornado, Tsunami, Volcano....
Such a whirlwind of evil from the
cruel and uncouth.

Unstable waters, with currents uncertain,
Your vessel lies leeward with love intermittent,
Chart your course, plot your path,
And aim t'ward the North,
But the evil one's will always fall
Far short, far short.
For it comes back around.

With your ego grasped firmly
and love dreams in your hand,
You map the way.
Ivory scrimshaw etched with your fate,
Ageless, not aimless,
It's long been pre-planned.

Will you do as you must?
Or will you do and be damned?
For it all comes around...
It ALL comes around.

Legend in his Own Mind


Christy Kuppler

Song in progress....dedicated to "Bill X." (3/4 time)

If your chatter's incessant, and you simply can't listen,
If your lips are a pumping like well-oiled pistons,
Then take a deep breath,
Exhale, and then
Give the poison a rest,
for awhile.

You think that you're witty, and your charm will bequile,
all those in your presence will bless the
"laugh line" they've dialed.
Yet, your words cut like knives.
Do you regret a ruined life
if you're the cause of that person's

So, are you laughing now?
Hah! You probably are.
In this big screen of life,
You're the Star!

Somehow, I doubt, that you feel remorse.
Everyone knows, you're too "special" of course.
The "favored son", your awards on the wall.
And we should all kneel in your hallowed halls
of time.
Most folks know,
You're a Legend in Your Own Mind.

I wish your tonque could be tied, and that you
couldn't swallow,
'less it were to eat your own words.
And may your lips be fried
from the hot oil of lies that you've spread,
with the lack of conscience you've bred.

Don't take pride in the lives you've defiled.
Give your lips a rest for awhile.
Why not try something simple this time?
Please, don't talk,

Peas Up Their Nose


Christy Kuppler

Little children stick pea's up their nose.
It's the thing to do
when you're two, don't ya know?
Little children stick pea's up their nose.

A baby can suck on it's toes.
It feels better than
sticking a pea up your nose,
so a baby will suck on it's toes.
cause it's tiny, it's true and
they love what they do,
so a baby will suck on it's toes.

A little boy loves to throw stones.
hit a squirrel in the tree,
tear his jeans, skin a knee
catch a bug on the fly
make a little girl cry....
cause a little boy loves to throw stones
in the pond, in the lake
in the stream that runs cold,
Oh, how a little boy
learns to throw stones.

Little girls are special, you'll see,
they're the same, but they're different
in their equality.
Little girls are dearly adored
They're a wonder,
such con-nun-drums,
Little boys get so flustered,

that they're still sticking pea's up their nose.

King Tut


Christy Kuppler

I gazed upon your head that night,
So rich and golden, a pure delight to my eyes
how they sparkled!
My pupils dilated from the beauty of you,
You were enclosed in a case
surrounded by peoples and folks of all race,
and of gender, I remember
the youth you portrayed in that magnificent case
of glass,
such class in that stately museum,
As we all gather'd round, we inhaled the fate
of 24 karat royalty,
Such a wondorous man/child,
King Tut.

I heard the sounds of sighs, and gasps,
the intake of breath whilst all those approached you.
When finally I broke through the throng,
to see a sign that warned me
not to look, not to see, as you admonished me
"Don't gaze upon The Head of King Tut"
You'll be cursed! The stench of misfortune will follow you."
Well, The Curse of King Tut has come true.
For I gazed, and I had the temerity to giggle of you,
At the time, I thought it silly, and gave you no credence,
How foolish I was, I was just youth and folly,
I'm so sorry, for all that you said was true.
I've been cursed since the day I met you.
King Tut.

How may I be absolved of the pain
you've bestowed upon me?
How may I be allowed to live the life
of prosperity,
of simple things
like honesty, integrity
of love, and friendships, and bonds of the heart,
I've suffered so much,
Just like you, I died young too,
King Tut.

Fall From Grace


Christy Kuppler

When our mighty hero's fall,
it's a crushing blow to all.
Sometimes the vibrations are felt
around the globe,
Sometimes they hit too close to home,
when Our Hero's fall.

When they succumb
to beyond a natural need,
when they become
the product of
their selfish human greed,
then they crash,
and fall from grace,
their names plastered on the
Headline News.
Exposed for their frailities,
Their "machismo" becomes
a truly sad display.
Their "persona", Oh, such a ruse!
How much money will they spend
to buy them an excuse?

When a hero falls from grace...
A light in my soul grows dim.
When a liar is exposed,
I lose a part of me, within.
When Our "Hero's" do fall,
they topple noisily.
And we shake our heads
in disbelief, saying
"But For the Grace of God", go me!
My mind and heart can't reconcile
half the things I see.
All the hero's I believed in,
shared a lack of humility.

When our Hero's fall,
it's not a pretty "Fall from Grace".
as they plummet back to earth,
and rejoin the human race.
The air was thin, "up there",
On the clouds they lived so high,
they simply lost their way,
like Mary's lambs,
bleating to come home.

Baa bah, black sheep,
follow Mary home from school,
Little plastic soldiers,
false hero's become true fools!

When they Fall from Grace,
it's not a pretty sight to see.
There is no honor,
their tarnished stories
are recycled endlessly.
Tin metals age so fast,
between the breasts of eternity.
I believed in you, and would swim with you
thru the waves of the highest sea's....
My old "Hero"....
You Fell from Grace.
And you broke the heart in me.

When you fell from grace,
somewhere, an Angel's light blew out.
Liar exposed, a prince deposed,
Out of the closet, now you
have the nerve to pout?
Yes, you've "fallen from Grace",
Is there even half a truth,
in all the lies that you told me?
Are you even half the man, that you
wanted me to see?

Baah, baah, black sheep,
have you any wool.
Baah, baah, black sheep,
I believed in you.
Now won't you tell me,

A Light Beyond


Christy Kuppler

Throughout the trials of my mortal existance,
storm clowds churn, swollen with rain.
There are snapshots that sustain me,
thru the howl of life's hurricane.
Amidst the lightening and thunder,
I hear screams erupt from the bowels
of my fear.
I can still percieve a hint of beauty near.
Like a diamond in the sunlight
sparkling purities, radiantly clear,
Yes,there is a light beyond the shadows,

There is a light beyond those dark and scary clouds......

I'm awakened by the nightmares of my past.
I'm so scarred, from the lava that flows
like the blood within my veins.
There's the acrid scent of smoldering,
and wisps of smoke rise from the pain.
The softness of my Mother Earth
soothes my bruised and battered knees.
She beckons me to kneel,
to gently nap, and caress her feet.
The Woodlands green and earthy lovliness
is calling me to come,
to a home I'll ne'er be forced to leave.

Little child of God,
There is a light beyond those dark and scary clouds.
The time will come when you'll no longer weep out loud.

Father Time, please grant me ageless,
Mother Earth, don't leave my side,
Oh, sweet Jesus, bless me timeless,
and in Your Heart, I will reside,
till tomorrow, till forever,
beyond an Angel's concept of time.....

I believe there is a light beyond those
dark and scary

I know there is
a light....

The number you have dialed is no longer in service.


Christy Kuppler

With consternation,

I grope blindly

seeking connection.

Will my heart find a kindred soul?

With cel phones,

we're wired

by invisible currents


one another.

Phone wires hum

ignited by intention.

Sometimes circuits are fried

by mutual condemnation.

Communication has died,

when there's no dial tone.

Where do you go

when you can't



My Mother's Eyes


Christy Kuppler

She had eyes like the sky, as blue as forever,
as clear as the weather, on a perfect Spring day.
Her vision chilled through you, as she steadily gazed
at what she saw you become
With those eyes...
Those eyes,
that could see past Tomorrow.

With a heart filled with pain, her unspoken anger
would smolder and her eyes would change colors:
wispy smoke flumes of ominous gray.
Her quiet whispers spoke volumes,
Like storm clouds and thunder.
Mama could not project with her voice
what she needed to say.

I'm reminded of seagulls, how they look in the sky...
Superimposed on the blue of my Mother's eyes.
I saw clouds, with the fire of her spirit held closely within.
Just one soul in this lifetime, yet, her eternity wins.
And her eyes live forever,
from Tomorrow,

An Electric Connection


Christy Kuppler

We resonate
on differest wavelengths,
and vibrate together,
on our own frequencies.

When we connect,
it's magic
as we harmonate
and hum
our hearts tone
as one.

HIgh tension wires,
Get too close,
and you may burn.
Positive to Negative,
Black to Red.
Take care and
don't switch the wires,
for you may fry
or blow out a circuit.

It may be fixable
but it hurts
in the
mean time.

The Abyss


Christy Kuppler

I clutch at the rocks
in this abyss.
I'm seeking gems,
but I always miss.
Fistfulls of dirt
land at my feet.
Clumps of earth
stick to my teeth.
There's nothing green
and nothing lives
but the unpolished gems
that I can't reach.
They whisper and taunt,
Alone, I do seek
treasures beyond reach,
In this abyss.

Bingo Angel


Christy Kuppler

Such a lovely legacy
with your worn out chips and
dried out daubers.
The ink dried soon after you did.

I can't even find your old
lucky charms.
That cute little troll that marked O-69
ensuring your place in jackpot heaven.
Is there even a smoking section
in the hall of numbers
that you're in now?

Online, I play, and yes, I yell BINGO
but no one can hear me,
yet, I feel you near me,
touched by your hand
Mystykal touch
from beyond.

Those long, slender fingers,
caress wispy cloud ringlets.
With little white puffs,
that gently float up
to a place inside me.
Where you'll always be.
Bingo Angel.



Christy Kuppler

Your Husband came first,
The dog took second.
Addictions came third,
whilst your child barely reckoned.

With your emotionless stare,
I was "put in my place".
The world took off running,
I got clamped to the gate.

The roar of the crowd
deafened me so.
I covered my ears
as I cowered below.

And then came the cheers
from the race that was won.
As the jeers slashed deep
to this forgotten one.

Alone I may be,
alone I may stay.
But only forever,
no more than a day.

Existanceless space,
or a space in time.
A place where it matters,
If there's matter defined.

A problem unsolved,
a question unanswered.
Does a thought find a home?
in His Majesty's throne?
Does a thought find a home?
Does a thought find a home?
Does a thought find a home?
Does a thought?..............????