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Janet Kunzmann


Suffern, NY, US

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The Heart Can't Fly


Janet Kunzmann

My mother always told me
To hold you heart with both hands
To keep it locked up
Away from the bullets
To keep it surrounded
Safe from the world
She taught me to fear
To hold my breath
Never breathe in the fresh air

I'm lying on my cold floor
So afraid to open the door
And walk outside
What if I never come back
What if I fall
What if my mother's teachings
Prove her right
But the sun, the air
Is so amazing

My mother always told me
Never to walk outside in daylight
For the world would see you
She taught me to believe
Everything is false
Nothing is real
She told me to fear love
Never to take it seriously
Only love one thing

Hello are you in there
I scream as I hit my chest
Trying to wake up my heart
Frozen, asleep
My mother taught me
To keep it away
Not to let it out
Just in case the wind
Would hit it
It might like it too much
And carried away with the feeling
Ending up broken
Forgetting the heart can't fly