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Ajay Kumar


New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Rescue Plan


Ajay Kumar

On the early hours of 5th May 2006 I was to fly back to my Base,
From a lovely Island of crystal waters where Dolphins race.

Suddenly a buzz from my secretary Wilson,
Sir, only three hours left for complete destruction.

BBC is warning of Tsunami waves,
Was chilled to spine but regained to work to all the round ways.

Messages, emails of queries and consultations,
Full with concerns and some with instructions.

On the tarmac I was directing my staff on emergency,
Few of them drowsy and others in frenzy.

Plan of rescue, backup and evacuations charged my mind,
Success and failure forcing it to grind.

The pilot assured me of touching the Base,
With his readings, signals and results in worst case.

I just pushed everything to off,
And boarded the Chopper to hop.

Engrossed in execution of this Rescue Plan,
Resources, logistics, communication and the counting went on.

Now two hours left after landing at the base,
Ready for a real drama to face,
Suddenly I saw my driver with a shining face.

Welcome Sir, The waves won’t hit the land they say,
God stood to this all the way.

Coiled to backseat fully relieved my anxious mind was meekly laughing
at my__.. Rescue Plan.