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Chelsea Kuhl


Bear, DE, US

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Chelsea Kuhl

Why don't you love me
I scream and I yell
What do you mean you don't love me
Doesn't my name ring a bell

I can't go on forever
Waiting around for you
Tell me what you feel
Tell me what to do

I need you to explain to me
Just what you think
I feel my pale face turning
From soft beige to bright pink

Then from bright pink to a dark red
All very quickly
I wonder if I was gone
If you would even miss me

Crimson Crayon


Chelsea Kuhl

Hold me in your big strong hands
Use me up real good
Peel back all my wasted layers
You'd break me if you could

Put me back whenever you want
You'll call me when you need me'
To do a certain job for you
Be who you want me to be

And when I'm of use no more
You carelessly toss me aside
What other choice do I have
Then simply to abide

This is how you treat me
After you've gotten all you could
You abuse the things you're given
I always knew you would