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Jennifer Kuchar


Poplar Grove, IL, US

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Take Alook Around You


Jennifer Kuchar

When I look at others,
I see no difference there,
No matter the skin color,
Or the color of their hair.

People that I know,
Always cut them down,
They never seem to take the time,
To take a look around.

Jesus died for all,
Not only you and me,
But you don't seem to understand that,
For colors all you see.

Deceived Love


Jennifer Kuchar

You said you loved me,
Never leave me,
You said these things,
And then decieved me.

And although my conscience,
Told me no,
I gave you my heart,
And let you go.

I watched you take my life away,
My hopes, my laugh, my smile,
You told me I could trust you anyway,
But you lied to me all the while.

You said you'd always love me,
You said you'd always care,
But it was all a lie,
Your love was never there.