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the edge of within



midnight comes to us all
in the darkness of our soul
as the curtain of night falls
it takes us to the very edge
of within
we are all of us look for answers
to questions unknown
and ultimately unanswerable
we are all of us searching
future past and present
into something more than the sum of the parts
it is that for which we search
for that which lies outside
the defined and rigid boundaries
of our mundane existances
it is this which comes to us
at midnight
in the darkness of our soul

whispering seasons



musical portraits
on a backdrop
of colour everchanging
whispers deafening on the breeze
the early evening autumn sun
hints at brighter dreams
despite the onset of winter
scraps of leaves swirl
under almost bare trees
in lovingly tended
and neglected country gardens alike
the swimming pool has been emptied
no swimming now until spring
seasons turn
and time rolls into memory