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Vaxel Kross


Houma, LA, US

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When The Sun Lets You Down


Vaxel Kross

My vision isn't all so clear
I'm in snow, I'm in rain
Both are cold and I don't like it here
Saving hell for the good tymes, not the bad
All these lonley people knockin'
Tellin' you why they're so sad
Have I had enough or just alittle
Seeing so many wars around
And always being caught in the middle
You're sheltered tonight, or is it just me
Can't take it all alone
How can this lonesome life even be
Sit in diner waitin' for you
With no more money to spend
There's not all that much I can do
Traffic pourin' by like water in a stream
I'm so lost at tymes
You sometimes make me wanna scream
A man playin' the piano in a puddle of mud
As a sweet melody plays in my ear
You're still unable to dry up this flood
On my back, I'm lyin' on the ground
With his loniness risin'
The man seems to no longer make a sound
Religons are slaying the unknown
Guilt is plaqued upon the woman
Who has to cry over him on the phone
The dresser is empty since last night
Once filled with something good
When she looks you're no longer in sight
Drivin' along, nothin' wipes away
The legs are broken of the woman
That you decided to leave today
A basket filled with tears
Coming in at ten foot tall
Fillin', which took all these years
Gangs in the street dosing off
Lost what they were fightin' for
Irritated, like a deep sore cough
Signs just a wavin' in the sky
When the sun lets you down
Don't remember the answer to the question why