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Ed Kretser


Rochester, NY, US

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Ed Kretser

Actions lie, eyes betray you
Virgin ears to words of truth
Anger reigns, honesty lost
Cover path at any cost
Trampled feelings justify in your head
Convince yourself so you may bed
Words you speak emotions faked
Outwardly honest, inwardly raped
Reflection in your mirror dark
How else could you play the part
Shooting lies my soul is stung
Feel cold metal rest on my tongue
Like piercing words it enters me
Spreading my wall with brain debris
Loud Echos silent through earrings of blood
Engulfing I'am under your lying flood
"Friends" they stare but don't look back
Their world is fine, my sky pitch black
Where pain is felt I'm always there
But when it's me, alone I stare
Burden you never agony inside
I watch you smile, so full of pride
End the pain myself you'll see
Then when you're down look up at me