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Elise Krentzel


Amsterdam, Netherlands

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The Green Green Grass of Home


Elise Krentzel

Spartan settings minimal desires
grays slow icy clouds meandering
over a fortified Northern sea blur brrrr
repressed expressions tight lipped
sealed tight wads, bartering over ships hulls
sea gulls clapping wings

Concrete slabs mosaic streets
An architect on LSD hallucinating Rubikís cube
forgiving praying as third world denizens
mock hallelujah to the beat
of a liberal city - pocket-full-of-miracles
for every last refugee
without a dime nor time to posh it
in a Rottingdam land of the damned
waterlogged and swampy dykes slouching sluices tug tug tug

Disasters Shell oil is spoiled and the city always sleeps.
resting on its laurels shores of a-1 socialism
A prison to the communism of chiming mores
Oh what a bore, ho hum
Heard that score before.

As the ocean heaves and moans
the looming whitened faces of foam loam
paper mache constructions of Feng Shui shitty stilted legged
edifices sitting pretty on the River
oooh how it makes me quiver

Iíd give anything for the green green grass of home.

I know home is where the heart is
and it ainít on my sleeve
A patchwork quilt auto, diesel, lpg, bus, tram make me scramble
Across the road bike, moped, cycledoody, hop on my scootie tutti frutti
no mews or kews just urban blight
A heightened level of dishevelment,
I think Iíll eat a jellybean.

Or puke to the heavens of insanity
lest a feisty designer drop down to rescue me
who unlike Ayn Rand has no grand plan
to uplift the skyline with esthetic humanity.

A Child's Eye


Elise Krentzel

I saw you mommy and didnít see you
I thought you mommy but didnít hear a word
To encourage me to love myself
You didnít love yourself
How could I?

I saw you daddy and didnít see you
I heard you daddy but didnít think you cared
To listen to my pain and tears
You were afraid of yourself
So was I.

I saw you parents living in disguise
I understood not from truth or lies
To help me to help myself
You couldnít help your selves
How could I?

You taught me daddy to be brave
I watched your laughter and performed onstage
To overcome my sensitivity
You hid yours very well indeed
So did I.

You showed me mommy how to behave
Rules and regulations without a leg to stand on
Confusing words and deeds
Jumbled messages and creeds
I ran away.

I begged you mommy to hear me speak
You talked such rubbish I couldnít breathe
So I shut down and began to write
To clear my conscious
To shed some truth.

I cried a life daddy missing you
Wishing you were who you werenít
In a rage not comprehending
That love is the opposite of anger
Thank you for that.

I mothered you mommy
As a little girl, teenager and woman
You needed love you never got as a child
You didnít know how
How could I?

I thought I saw you once daddy but it was another man
But you were not a man grown up
You stopped growing at a tender age
You blamed your mother
I blamed you.

Dear parents I know you did your best
Whatever happened letís put it to rest
The past is over
The present is now
I love you both and myself as well.