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Andy Kreist


Ellensburg, WA, US

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Deaf, dumb and washed


Andy Kreist

The barrell seems shorter
Slipping in
As the bullet gets closer
This Solution
Retrospect in disrespect
Is evolution
Science in circumspect
A revolution
Chemical dialect
Goes round
Made to infect
And 'round
'Till the bough breaks
And subject to fate
The cradle will fall-
To find what you need
Been binged and broken
For just definition...
Now knowledge comes in your vision
My face is blank
My eyes are closed
Sound is still around
Just another dose
Of your sugar sweet venom
Anti-freeze this dilemma
And I'm submerged
To re-emerge
In your light
In your image

And bled
To bless
This blood
Invite this body
And it will drink
Parasitic tendencies
Will sink into fantasy
Like anatomy
Inside of me.