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Casterton, Victoria, Australia

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Our magic beans



A teary eye
A spite sparkled voice
Another drink, bring them on
A vocal eruption of self doubt
Flailing but onto themselves
Another drink to pass the night
Then another,

Then it all comes out,
An excuse to let it out
To open up, to shout
Our deepest fears, our short comings
Our inadequacies we hold deep
Never voice them
Never show them

We let them seep

Consume me now I'm yours
A product of all my flaws
A little holy drop to recreate
Our own worlds we desecrate
I need this to alleviate
My own pain and yours

It's the stuff that makes us real
Confuses, numbs us, shows us how we feel

I've fallen over again
Pick me up please
I'm lost without me feet
Confused on where we meet
I can stand for myself
If I stand for nothing else

A top up then come down again
Can't wait to climb your path again
All leading to a place we thought
We used to dream, but now we talk
Over rationalized, over bored
Dreams constructed against our heartly walls

Nurse me up again
I've got a story to tell
I'm so clouded I don't care
Our feelings
We share

eyelids on the wall



Portholes of the fantasy world
Opening and shutting
Shifting with our strands of thought
Only one to tear it apart

The sound of lies unspoken
But only for you
So we sleep tonight
A cold breeze snaps its fingers
Onto your face
So this is real

Drifting, finding the words that
Put meanings to the things we do
Place our thoughts in our mind
So neatly, So simply
Sifting through mine
Where is the escape?
Scanning the world for the faces
That seem right, that fit the dream we love

Our collective silences
Mask a stream of a thousand unspoken words
To take us where we dream
So we watch, live on love indefinable by mere words
To contrived by our own wonder to ever be placed as neatly
So thin we create
Watch our thoughts unfold
Explode onto paper

A place we see
The world beneath our breath
A shuffling now who turns away
Turning through our light away
Old man whispering, wont you jump up and down
Show the people you're breathing
Show them your sound

Distortions of our own truth
All players to one note
One way, the silent trumpets they do bellow
Ring through empty streets
Summoning the silent heart that beats

Eyelids close last resort
Triumphantly displaying disregard for
Their own world
But cherish ours
Love to see it
Imagine it
Live it
Taste it
Waste it

Wake me



Wake me if you could
Wish you would...

Wish away this dream of mine
Keep me from myself

Attach to me your fabled "hope"
That you say surrounds us

Bring to the brink to watch me break
I smile to see you smiling
Wistfully destroy me
like I was a faded memory

Wipe me clean, without emotions
Sell me my soul back

Return to me the innocence of childhood
And the joy that surrounds it

Awaken my heart, wish you could
Make me whole again
Wish you would

Give to me back what you stole
give to me back myself

And the world was made of mice



Follow me
I'll show you life
Look to me for absolution
And the world was made of mice

Blind Mice

See how they run to the surface
Hiding from themselves
See how they segregate

Blind Mice

I worship you
So you worship me
Well complete the circle
Oh Mister Mouse
Can I be like you
All powerful, ever knowing
Big Mister mouse

And they ate cheese, from silver plates
basked in their glory
fought battles to prove
their compassion for their fellow mouse

Blind Mice

Beware the cat, belove the cheese
The mice were taught
"This is what it is to be a mouse"
The mice became educated mice

but still mice

The world was made of mice
bursting from the seams
to spread their doctrines
on cheese and on greed

burn me



A shade of the truth
more palatable
easier to take
wash it down with water
to take the pain away

My analgesic wonder world
only tell me lies
because that's all I can take
Incodeinement laced with sparkled eyes
that burn then fade away

sifted through my brain
the thoughts remain the same
fragile, hard edged laced with compassion
undersensitive but overcomposed
standing straight, only slightly swaying

Lash myself up,
there's always broken string to tie the knots
always something to look for
my safety supervisor says

Take Me



Between slowed pauses, between the breaths
That sustain us
There rests
An instant
A flicker, a glint
Of something else
That could take us all away
To places we can't yet dream
A thought trail that can't be followed
The world beneath our breath

One well placed thought to change the world
The conception of an idea to set us all free
No time to find it
No inner peace

If this was that
And I was yours
If we could refrain
What we could give

A breath every second
For everybody's child
Chiming in motion
Rocking ourselves

Bound to our own paths we struggle
I cant give mine away
Nor can I take yours
Finding the wrold beneath our breath
Discovering where our dreams can take us

Where reality is so thin, I can touch it
Lift it above my head
Hear the people, see the thoughts
Touch the feelings
Place every body in every second
Immersion in an unknown world

Save me



Save me form my pensive self


Pry open my mind
Take it away
save me from myself

Stop the cycle, stop the buzz
let it sleep
for just once

slow it down
take it away
slay my thoughts that babble away

incoherently sliding through
every thing I've ever done
analyzing the world beneath my head
my pensive self

don't reflect
dont try

live like you have no yesterday
or no tomorrow
no expectations
no alianations
no inhibitions
no restrictions




Nothing to be won
For what should be more
If it was all so imaginary
Would it matter at all
A jump in context
Why won't she see
That she's always jumping but never lands
Who takes the blame?

A perfection of their precious little system
Tweak it here see what goes
An enthusiastic inquest into what's been found
Pondering over little trinkets to stay amused
While they themselves rust

Discharged and now we're so old
Old, sold and overused
Only spent once, so what's left?
Now we're so alone
Say precious maybes
Cause we love them so
Never say never my darkened friend

So maybe
One day when the creases are black and the darkness old
It will all disappear
Fall away like so many unwanted bad dreams
Never to be seen again




I want more
I cravemore
Give me all there is to take
Give me everything you've got
Or ever yearned to have
Give me your knowledge
Give me your opinions

I want more than I should have
I wish myself to absolution
Can't fumble these days
They're too precious to lose
There's too much to accomplish
Too much to do

I cravemore from everyone
To escape my inner child
Change the world in one scentence
Fade it all away

Like a dropper in my vein
I need to feel your pain
To know all, too feel all
See all and be all

I cravemore form life than it can ever give
More from you than you could ever live
Every drop of a thousand tears
Every person in a thousand years

I crave to know the answers to every thought inside my head
Know the inner meaning in every book I've ever read

I need to be accomplished
I need to plow ahead
I need every lesson
The world can ever give

When will I not cravemore
When will I succeed to begin
The quest that's so indifferent to others
But so precious to me

I want more
I cravemore

A Promised life



Live like a poet...
So many embroyotic depressants.

A tiny flaw can show itself revealing exponential growth.
So many little flaws, a cracking of the basis.
The protests come and go, who is to believe.
They beleive in something.
There's something in the air up there, save CFC's
"thanx be to a propagator"
"Raise healthy bodies and the minds shall follow.
To turn out well adjusted young individuals....
How many do you know, that can hold the flame of tomorrow?
Go forth and mutliply
Its scary the amouunt of bugs out here
they can suck the blood right out of you..
A self -awareness slowly dawns...
Soemwhere someone is making a dollar out of this.
Thanking the sun for it's rays, liberally applying sunscreen.
Her pet dog wears a muzzle.
The guns are in case someone attacks the peace-keeper.
Somewhere the streets dance, yet behind them someone is turning the dancing machine.
The oil is running out, "Petrol prices soar"
fixing the problem they announce an increased production of oil.
Finishing another mouthfall, he realises that the yellow cake has little nutritional value.

New eyes glow green in the dark, thanx be to gene mutations.
The power is not beyond our hands.
There hands are broken and stained.
What is there left to fight for.
Everything was won when the wall came down.
It's a wonderful world we live in.

Luckily they save the best for last.
This one is my favourite,
"Sometimes I feel I need to get away from it all.
But then I go home and plug myself into my television.
And I realise it was only withdrawal symptoms."

I'm not sure whether to go with the consumer-red model
or something as ironic as the nature-green. Which car do you think will best suit my needs.

Sorry honey, the prices of air went up today,and i couldn't afford to get the groceries, We've got to breath you know.

Slowly realisation dawns.

A golden concern



Be an experience!

Buy and Sell them.
People are property

Share the roller coaster ride.
Sell them...

Paying the price.
Forced to sell their goods.

Embrace the practice of buying
buyers are motivated sellers
they will usually neglect...

Be free.
I want to live.
Quality is important.

People want?
People want to live.

its better to choose
but better to beleive
better to feel
and think.
And so on.