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Howard Kraus


El Cerrito, CA, US

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did we


Howard Kraus

did we laugh
yes - what fun
all we wanted - then
did we fret
probably, but i forget
did we live
we had our time
did we think
who could foretell
did we fail
hard to say
can we go on
what other way

the fish and the flea


Howard Kraus

the fish and the flea
have common ancestry
both monkey and man
are of the same clan
all creatures on earth
are related by birth

when the horse was first born
all expected a rhino
but where is his horn?
darned if i know
when came the giraffe
the midwife did laugh
what can it be?
a beast or a tree

when the first donkey arrived
its parents did howl -
in a litter of five
three cows, this ass, and one owl

mutation has made
for different appearance
but to one family tree
all share adherence

cosmic rays from the void
into genes do crash
too random to avoid
creating much biologic trash
dust to dust, cinder to cinder
time is a broom
that nothing can hinder



Howard Kraus

Does spiritual being predicate physical being
or vice versa and on what occasion ?
Metaphysics has flopped and is a
deserted weedgrown monastery
The mental condition of each successive decade
grows more and more agitated as
Plants communicate through leaves and stems
Across intervening vastness and through
massive bulwarks
Pyramids sharpen razor blades and boil phosphorous
The philosopher sits in his library
Linking ideas like jigsaw pieces -
What happens if you unite the two
forces in the universe
Is a mutual cancellation of opposing elements
But if it can be demonstrated
that a single mystic energy
propels time
Then the dichotomy of dualism will
indeed yield to the supernatural
From which the yin and the yang
derive their immutable ontology
Then the citadel of human faith
Will not become the madhouse of reality
But will perch inviolable upon
the bedrock of illusion
And will be to all who seek ....
dung dust

risking woman


Howard Kraus

risking the mutilation of
the fearsome machinery of woman

woman must fear
man's rude strength
man must dread
woman's calm indifference

and her ability
to enclose
and release
and her touch sensing the
hidden proof of his weakness
and the concealment
of his shame

she calls forth and absorbs
the surge of
his energy
contorts, coils, contracts,
like a beast
he is captured

risking the clawing
risking the
the piercing cry
mingling of blood

risking the mutilation of
the fearsome machinery of

generic poem


Howard Kraus

as i cavorted in life
& profoundly feeling inside
the subtle essence
of all being
in this special moment
by my finely tuned
poetic sensitivity
and wise appreciation
and verbal virtuosity
& like thou o walt
la tra la
i sing of myself
of my world within & without
moved deeply yet
lifted in harmonic accord
with the pulsing
energy of the universe
homage to
the great mother
the great father
the great uncle
the great aunt
the great squash
time is endless
& monotonous
cycles of birth,
death, haircuts
to know the real
the truth about truth
the one from the two
the inexpressible