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Shelley Kratz


Broaddus, TX, US

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Shelley Kratz

I am in your cabinet and in your car,
I do not stay very far;
A deeper hole is what you see,
when you take a few swigs of me.
You take off the top and guzzle me down,
I can make your head go around and around;
I ran out, so you got mad,
enough to buy a few more bottles is all you had.
You grabbed your keys and opened the door,
you was going to the liquor store;
You didn't know at all that day,
that I was going to get in your way.
You was so dizzy, you came across the line,
a car honked it's horn, but you were out of time;
Traffic stopped behind and ahead,
the people in the other car were dead.
Now you see what I can do,
so get rid of me and my friends too;
Pour us out, if you will,
becuase we can get you drunck or even killed.
I got you drunk more than twice,
so you better think before you roll the dice;
So live your life with all you've got,
because it only takes just one shot.