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Rastlin Kozlin


Los Angeles, CA, US

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Ghosts in the Garden


Rastlin Kozlin

Clouds roll by over the waves of the ocean
as tides come in and crash on the stone
a lady with a parasol floats through the garden
while a man stands watching from behind the glass
she does not exist for him, she is a changing image
on a screen, she sees him in a forest - as a tree

He lovingly watches as she sits beneath a tree
the seas increase and then fall again - the dancing ocean
he tries to forget her - but she is a clear image
her beauty is undying, but she has grown cold as stone
without her, he is in a world of broken glass
to him, she is a queen who sits in her chessboard garden

no matter how much he desires, he cannot enter her garden
he once attemtped to talk to her, from behind a tree
but his words were misunderstood; hers were clear as glass
ashamed of his words, he wanted to dive into the ocean
and let his body be torn by the stone
why does he keep bothering her with his image?

she sighs lightly as she grasps faded memories and images
is there no room for him in her garden?
he wishes for her love, she wishes for high gates of stone
what is wrong with him? she askes, hiding behind a tree
he can't leave her garden, she won't leave his ocean
she no longer loves him, yet still drinks from his glass

he thinks he is unworthy, staring into the looking glass
the mirror breaks and each piece shows his reduced image
why her? there are many other fish in the ocean
is he still there? she peers out from the garden
he wishes he was with her once more under that old oak tree
will he ever go away? she thinks while skipping stones

he would do anything to chip away that wall of stone
time seems to stand still for them, even with an hour-glass
she remembers being with him under this very same tree
she is in love with someone else, although it is his image
truth be told, there is still room for him in her garden
he looks like her true love, but he died in the ocean

he will always be outside her world,
on the same stone that stops the ocean
she drinks from her emerald glass
as she walks around a tree
he will never forget her image
strolling through the garden.

Accident in Norwich, CT


Rastlin Kozlin

you still havent found it
i know where it is
but im not going to tell you
not yet...

i drain myself trying to please
and every drop of blood i spill
i spill for you
as my love flows from my veins
as my life flows from my veins
i am falling but you do not notice

has it been that long?
i suppose i dont even recognoze me
there is no way you could
after all - that is a lot of blood
besides, faces are harder to identify
when painted with pain and sorrow

i see your face as you hear my screams
that look of horror in your eyes as i die
that look of horror as you realize who i am
the pain intensifies
and my cries grow softer as i grow weaker
you are both delighted and tormented by my pain
duality is, after all, in your nature
as it is in mine

what we had is long since lost
but never - ever forget we had it
it was one of the best memories ill ever have
it was the best memory ive ever had
im sure youve had better
im sure you will have better

remember me on a cold night
when the wind is howling
when the storm is raging
remember me on a cold night
when the night is black
when your soul is empty
remember me on a cold night
when youve grown old and grey
when your children have children
remember me on a cold night

and remember
that my love was always stronger than yours
that it still stands to this very day
the day that i died