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Shamini Kothari


Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

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The tree


Shamini Kothari

The tree is a humble thing
It loses many things
But also gets them back
By its humble wisdom.



Shamini Kothari

The waves come rolling and crashing
I jump into the water and start splashing
I feel scared and salty in the wave
But I still act to be brave
Until I am on the shore
And I decide I am not going in anymore



Shamini Kothari

in life we have to make choices,
big and small
but am i scared of them?
no, not at all!!

i had to choose a hobby,
but ended up crying in the lobby!
i went to the teacher i trust;
to solve the dillema which i must.

she gave me a chance to write,
things which i like.

so, i have made my choice
for my hobby, i guess i will have to use my voice!