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Olaf Korder


Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

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where do i stand


Olaf Korder

where do i stand
when every day
i see you
and i cannot or may not
say hello,
and you keep on
turning up;
where do i stand?

do i take you to
the pits of deception
cover you with sand
or lock you up in a shed
and have a look all the time
to see if you are still alive?

there are marvellous tortures
that i can set you at
and undoubtedly you will be inspiring
there is sun
to shine merciless
when i put burning-glasses
on your eyes

there is cold
that creeps into your body
and stays with you
all your life
there is heat
that makes you scream
you have a beautiful voice

you are a handsome toy
and when i am bored
i can take you apart
to see how it works

the bachelor


Olaf Korder

on the couch he bolts his food
too much drink does him no good
he watches boys from behind the glass
remembers the past that's gone, alas

when love could be, he had objections
against freckels, hair and skin complexions
a voice, a nervous tic, a smell
he knew of indigence all too well

time made scratches on his skin
his chest is slowly falling in
he sees the schoolboys in the street
and knows that life will not repeat.