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Robyn Koop


Abbotsford, BC, CA

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Robyn Koop

She drew up a shuddering breath
And she looked out the window
Down on the lights below
Like little colored fallen stars
They littered the ground

Steady tear streamed down her cheaks
Because she realized
The serenety of what she saw
And the window was her constant friend
With unconditional love
It stayed straight and strong

She knew then that when she looked out
She was really looking inside herself
And the Night was her favorite part of the day
Darkness surrounded her and the blanket of Night kept her safe
Alone with herself, the time was hers
And she had never felt closer to anyone
Into the day they would be strangers again

And she stared into Nothing
And Nothing knelt down and kissed her hand
She understood that the next day she could start new
Knowing that mistakes that were made were past
And her window forgave and listened and gave advice
She knew that her problems would be solved
If not now, in time
All she need do, is look to the lights.