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I. Heart

A thousand beats, for every day
Who'll stop it, quell the motion?
Blood for bloods sake comes and flows,
We wonder if it ever knows
The essence of its duty to
Open doors we may want closed.

Unknowingly, unknowns collide
In subatomic arms and lips.
Predictions often circumscribe
The guesses, that we cannot hide
As chances flicker through our lives
Our conscience quailed and quickly died.

Beating faster, stronger as we step
Towards the coming years.
Without a clue of what comes next
We hold our hearts sometimes in check,
To much can happen to us yet
Afraid, of unfamiliar text.

II. Eye

Into anothers eyes we gaze
To check for some connection.
These windows, open, shades drawn back
Will surely give us some new facts
To urge us to a future end.
Or grab us firm and hold us back.

I am not one who easily,
Discerns anothers motivations.
My windows, up, the fresh air in,
This place is musty. Too long since
It last saw light of day
Or had a visitor within.

The front door opened, tea is served
The guests arrive fasionably late.
But one guest has an invitation
Unrestrained, a celebration
For one true friend arrives this time
To spark my imagination.

III. Soul

A robber or a thief within,
To busy with a serving tray,
Of morsals, small & tender words,
A life time full of flightless birds
Will waddle willingly throughout
The legs of guests and introverts.

The finest silverware displayed,
Red carpet rolled out for her feet.
Rose petals red and orange thrown
Amongst the mulch of ego grown,
As gifts for one we want so bad
To want us as her own.

A game of cards we try to bluff,
But our eyes and hearts give us away.
Our cover blown, we play our hands
And talk of undiscovered lands
Where futures grow & flourish there,
Amongst the southern desert sands.

I gladly risk all in one shot,
Eyes wide open, blood-red, hot.
To call your bluff, see what you've got.

Find the River



Breathe in deep then exhale,
Going deep inside.
To draw those words, picked from your lips.
My feelings I can't hide.

Opening my baggage,
Unloading it for you.
A heart, a soul, and several dreams,
One sad, one pure, some new.

Focus on the words you said
That shook me to the core.
You told me things, made me believe
In love and so much more.

The moon will rise,
The stars will shine,
And I'll sit here and write.

To you, my life,
To you, my heart,
For you to read tonight.

To The One I Love



The last words on my lips at night
The first thought when I wake.
This distance in between us now,
Is more than I can take.

Your smile brightens all my thoughts,
Your eyes, cut through my soul.
Another time, another place,
And I'd lose all control.

Your heart is full of questions now,
For another has a claim.
But how I wish, your dreams
And thoughts, echoed with my name.

Your face still haunts me night and day.
I feel so much ... I dare not say.




Somewhere, something caught my eye.
Somewhere, someone stole my heart.
Somewhere, I forgot myself.
Somewhere, we will never part.

Someday, our eyes will meet each other,
Someday, then you'll see.
Someday, time and space won't matter
Someday, we'll be free.

Somehow, we will make it through,
Somehow, beneath the stars.
Somehow, we'll be together dear,
Somehow, the futures ours.

Someday, I'll find my heart again,
Somewhere in your eyes.
Somehow it will all make sense,
For a love that never dies.