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Kritter Kohler


Newtown, PA, US

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Kritter Kohler

Staring out my window, onto the world below,
I see the mass of rushing figures, pushing to and fro...
I wonder where you are down there, if you think of me,
Watching from above, where noone else can see...

I hold you in my heart, the pain a slow, dull ache,
Wondering why I hold you with the heart I let you break...
I still feel your kisses and caresses in the night,
The warmth remains around me where your arms once
held me tight...

I sometimes look back upon us at the times I thought were
Thinking of the loneliness battle I had thought I'd won...
Such foolishness makes me shake my head and shows
that I'm naive
Because you could never give to me what the one thing I
would need...
True love...