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Brian Koch


Lena, IL, US

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Alone Together


Brian Koch

Alone, he's sitting
Waiting for the final hour
A disastrous suggestion, everything lost
With and without, he'll stay the same
Now completely still
he has no need to move
No reason to do anything at all
Realizing where he's going
Thinking back to where he's been
Nothing seems to matter now
Hypnotized within his stare
Hours pass, but never right
Hours pass, without a light
Inside the soul he sees the dark
People pass without a word
Some stare, some laugh, some look away
All but one pays no heed to pain
One wants and needs and has to help
Touching him on the face and shoulder
Trying to revive him from his stupor
A woman speaks, the one he loves
To him alone and no one else
Many hear, two understand
Her words are known by her and him
his eyes come home with color now
Focus gains on words and beauty
The lips, the mouth, that familiar face
Lost in love that overtakes him
Pain escapes in warm embrace
Found again, the hour comes
A final moment, together, at least.

For Her, A Friend


Brian Koch

You have a friend who needs you.
The words aren't coming clear.
Making things stop happening.
Remembering how they cared.
Nothing’s coming out today.
A song is ending all too soon.
The tune is swept away with me.
Wishes you would go along.
Wishes never happening.
Its all to start again.

Everybody cries to let you know.
Its still just too late now.
Climb above the wall and see.
See them standing silently.
Their eyes are blank.
No stories told.
Just four minutes more.
To stand and watch the time pass by
And see the flowers grow and die.
Listen as the wind fades past.
Years go by with nothing more.

Silence stands outside the door.
The end is near, no need to fear.
Wilting roses sit alone.
No more water, no more home.
The day will come.
See two or three.
Home fades faster.
Until nothing stands again.
Take what you see from this.
That's what everything means.