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Nana Ko


Montreal, QC, CA

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dirty juicy lucy


Nana Ko

The vacuum lady
She's waisted, down the drain
Cooking'n her own juice
She's hasted, down the drain
Dirty lucy, why are you so juicy?
Is it a lifestyle to be a pussy?

Man in a Tree


Nana Ko

High above the annelids and terra firma
contemplation's of the fantastical pass
seldom seen, but by the young
sculptured images and painted dreams
for innocent young fertile minds
who flock to his feet, eyes raised to heaven
begging - pleading, for just one more tale
then rushing to homes - reality
young minds filled with ideals and images
eager to share
soon are closed - erased by elders
who in safe boxes huddle, planning the plot
to rid this world
of the lunatic in a tree