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Huw Knoyle


Swansea, Wales, UK

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with you


Huw Knoyle

we send you dried elderflower
from the old tramline,
wild garlic from the brick works,
henbane, sacred at full moon,
from the riverside.

in spite of the rain
and the inconstistency of wind,
each decorates the sky
with their urgent dance

and each finger stretches across water
from its green hand,
wrapped with our essence
greets you at purdue university
west lafayette.



Huw Knoyle

Out of stirring western valleys
Slow spurts over tarmac in dusk
Like the long sigh of bus air brakes.
This roll call
To last a thousand years or more
Pass this way
And seep into a groaning line
Grasping each others hollow eyed faces.

With sun boiled brains
Torn out pages of history
Scratch past hungry tracks,
A viscous chain in moonlight
Following the tenorman's
Slow notes and long pauses,
they travel on and on

And you, not fully honed by evolution
Lie here with the blood of many
In your fragile veins
Paint a dreamy watercolour
Bursting with cream clouds in blue skies.
Your eyes free of timidities,
Unparcelled by autumnal coat,
Yours a pure acceleration
Along the curvature of time.