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Phillip Knox


Spanish Fort, AL, US

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Beauty in a Summer Breeze


Phillip Knox

Swallowed in a dream of bliss,
and sunset berry kisses
in the still of azure skies
i gaze into your eyes.
Your candy sweet lips,
hypnotize, mesmerize my soul
making me speak with a lisp,
brisk and untold.
I'm lost for words at such beauty
it eloquently defies,
eludes my mind
like visions in a summer breeze
hard to define.
I would steal polyanthus,
and lay beds of jasmine
and touch you with the sweetest passion
as i outline your face by candles;
if i could allure you
for you inspire me
i want to liberate your heart
as you exhale pressures with me.
How may i explore the depths of you,
open you like oceans
fill your emotions, your affections
in truth your very essence.
I'm held captive by your style
come away with me for awhile
beguile me with a smile
there are pleasures to find.
Your silhouette in the shadows of my mind,
tantalizes every thought,
every curve in movements of poetic lines
this pantomime in part.
Her fingertips drip elegance
in the moonlight mist
this sensation with the ambience
all for you ms.
She is delicate as a lily,
flawless as a pearl
in sea blue strands of tapestry
which colors my world.