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Marc Knox


Glasgow, Scotland, UK

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Marc Knox

People walking to and fro,
Walking, Walking with no where to go.

With love in their eyes,
And hate in their hearts,
Both of these evils will tear them apart.

Mysterious Lady


Marc Knox

As words flow before our eyes,
At once, you are with me and I with you,
Carried to each other over the skies,
The moments linger and pass through,
To minutes, to hours until we are both united.

Lost in the chasm of kindred spirits,
Seeking someone, something to cling to.
The feeling of happiness if only for that minute,
Is there to share between me and you,
Until time creeps up and snatch’s it way.

I know not your face, your voice or your mind.
But for those happy hours etched in my brain,
A feeling remains of a wondrous find,
If we never were to meet there would be no pain,
For locked up inside are those moments of joy.

Oh mysterious lady, will we ever know?
What the other is like except for words?
Scattered over the screen like flakes of snow,
Pecked at by our eyes like seeds by birds,
Piecing them together like a jigsaw puzzle.

With one missing segment, the puzzle is incomplete,
Would it ever be possible to realise the art,
Of human friendship if we were finally to meet?
Our vision blinded by signals from the heart?
As the clouds descend, I see my minds image.

Oh mysterious lady, I know not what,
Your vision expects to see through these clouds.
An ethereal picture too pure for thought,
Or a sight that will satisfy removal of the shrouds?
While the screen remains surely so must the friendship?

But nature, as ones meddler, will clear the haze,
And the screen will fail to protect,
Either you or me from the others gaze.
That moment is sure to have an effect,
What we have shared cannot make a difference.

Before, however, the end we reach,
This company we are both keeping,
On our screens may lead to the beach,
Where there will be an idyllic meeting.
As the sun rises and sets in our hearts.

Oh mysterious lady, why are you so far?
In my heart you remain, even after just moments,
Though you could be in Zanzibar!
You have brought to me all the components,
That enabled me to shine through the rain.

How long will our screens flicker with light,
Before the neon explodes and brings the dark?
Mysterious lady, will you leave it to fates might?
Are we destined to sip wine in our park?
As the setting sun falls from our view.

As I part from you now, my thoughts remain,
Our shared moments, so precious to inspire.
These words, will last, should we never speak again,
May fate guide us well, away from the fire.
Mysterious lady, thank you for allowing me to explain.



Marc Knox

She smiled, her eyes shone like sunlight
His heart melted and poured forth like wine.
Blushing, rosé, he shrank in her sight;
She smiled, her eyes shone like sunlight.
Reaching out, she clasped his hand, her touch was light,
Drunk with joy, his vision blurred; things were fine.
She smiled, her eyes shone like sunlight,
His heart melted and poured forth like wine.