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Barbara Kneipp


South Vienna, OH, US

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What if Jesus was just a man?


Barbara Kneipp

Two thousand years ago, its said
a man was raised up from the dead
supposedly by God, who made him
before the world had been created.
The story has him "sent" to earth
the product of a virgin birth
with all the power of the Lord
to do things never done before,
because, in fact, the story goes,
he was God in human clothes.
That this should be so sacrosanct
shows what we think is relevant--
signs and wonders, nothing more
than in all other books of lore.

But what if Jesus was just a man
who happened to recognize Gods plan--
that well live in eternal bliss
when we have learned to understand this:
we have one father, God himself,
who gives us all his heavenly help
just for seeing ourselves as brothers
living to love one another.
Thus, Jesus was a teacher of
what he considered perfect love.
For those who had the ears to hear
his message rang out loud and clear.
The masses, poor and weak from life
saw in him their chance to thrive.

The rulers, though, could only see
his threat to their prosperity.
And so they sought to make him stop
by hanging him upon a cross.
But Jesus, who knew very well,
the power of a parable,
decided death could be the show
to make his message last and grow.
If it could look as if he made
an exit from his very grave
then those who never liked his message
but wanted proof of life forever
would be the ones to spread the word
and, with their power, make it heard.

Now, no one knows what did transpire;
we will believe what we desire.
But let us reckon which is more
the inspirational metaphor--
that God could come to earth as man,
perform some miracles and then
appear to die as humans do
and rise again for some to view?
Or that a son of man by birth
so loved the thought of heaven on earth
with faith that God would give the sign,
he suffered death to keep alive
the truth by which well all be saved
when it again takes root some day?

...unless a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.

John 12:24 (c. 200)