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Holly Kluge


Orlando, FL, US

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My Best Friend, My Love


Holly Kluge

I wish he would take me back
He doesn't know everything I lack
When I am not with him
He leaves and the lights go dim

When I am with him my heart skips a beat
He sweeps me off my feet
Every time I see him it makes me smile
The only thing that makes my life worth while

I want to be back in his arms
With his body around me there are no harms
When he holds me tight
It brings me to new heights

He is there for me as I bawl
As I am pushed up against a wall
He is my knight in shining armor
His words make me calmer

He just doesn't understand
I want to be the one he holds in his hands
He considers me a best friend
With this statement my hopes descend

I know everything he wants
I know the things that haunt
He tells me everything there is to know
I direct him of what to do and where to go

He tells me everything there is to know
Some of the secrets make my heart beat slow
Makes my hearts stop
Then comes a tear drop

He tells me of he secret love
And how she takes him high above
I know I will never be his crush
Never be the one to make him blush

Every time I watch him engage in a kiss
It reminds me of a bliss I now miss
My heart is breaking
I offer him my heart for the taking

It will never be excepted
He will never again be tempted
After I left him because of fear
Of loosing something so dear

I wish I could be with him until the end of time
I love him so much he even makes me rhyme
My heart he stole
And now in my heart he placed a hole

I can't eat nor sleep
My wounds are cut so deep
I just can't find a way to deal
With the pain and love I feel

It was love at first glance
But I missed my chance
My life has gone so low
Ever since I let him go