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Howard E. Klein


Hazlet, NJ, US

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Eyes of Green


Howard E. Klein

All it took was just one look I into those eyes of green
A sight so wondrous, a feeling so new how could this have gone unseen
Without being aware, not knowing just when and where, it hurries closer without a sound
How do we exist without giving thought to "what if" when magnificence like this can be found

That summer night couldnít be a more perfect delight with the stars shining high above
Standing as witness to the humble beginnings of what was destined to become true love
Overwhelmed by the othersí presence we very seldom spoke a word
But despite our inability to speak, our every thought and every emotion was heard

And as the crowd around us went about their usual hurry and haste
We savored every minute as if we hadnít a moment to waste
The lights, the bells, the clamoring noise it all never seemed to end
But my attention never left the one who was to become my very best friend

And then that kiss, that marvelous first kiss, I swear if souls can touch
Just how close can two hearts become I then realized just how much
So soft, so sweet, so tender, oh my, so weak my knees became
My lips, my dreams my entire world would never be the same

At first we kept this secret hidden from the world around
We didnít think theyíd welcome such things in that little country town
Now itís evident for all to see wherever we may go
Iím sure they feel our warmth inside, for their smiles reveal they know

At night before I sleep I sometimes wonder where has she been
For all this time I never knew these feelings deep within
It rivals any adolescent crush but please donít get me wrong
Nothing in this world can be more real, more true, more strong

Although weíre not together her presence lingers in my heart
As thoughts of her race through my mind as long as weíre apart
Could it be, I think it so, this feeling seems to grow
To what extent a heart expands I really need to know

Why has this been given to us, for what has this been granted
Perhaps itís just a gift to those whoís past love has been recanted
Never before and never again can it happen just like this
If we donít cling to whatís been so graciously given we would surely be remiss

Hand in glove a perfect fit, no match could be so exact
We think alike in every way never straying from our pact
The other comes first in all things considered never leaving each otherís side
As sure as the sun shining high overhead, in me you can always confide

The world is now a beautiful place where hope and dreams prevail
Our knowledge of a greater love is the wind that fills our sail
But no matter what tomorrow brings, is it her, or is it another
I count my blessings every night for this love thatís like no other

To the girl whoís eyes are sparkling green my soul with which you touch
I think you ought to know by now I love you so "this much!"