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Casey-Jack Kitos


Olathe, KS, US

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Lost Passion


Casey-Jack Kitos

Where can I hide these reminders,
Of the pain,
That you have caused to rise up in me?
Only belittling tears and sorrowed cries,
Come from reminders of you.

When did I lose my first love,
When did the fire and passion go,
When did I lose the love I felt for you?

How many times,
Do we have to go through,
The memories of what did not last?
Why am I reminded of the time,
That there were only us two?
I canít seem to forget,
The memories that we once shared.
Please take them away from me,
I no longer care
Take them away,
So I can be free.

I am moving freely on,
Trying not to be hindered by you
Get out of my life,
And never return,
Cuz all I have from you is tears that burn.
I thought there was only you,
But now I find my love much more,

Continued heartbreak
More tears,
More cries,
More fears.

the trees


Casey-Jack Kitos

the trees blow in the wind
no love to send
i stand here
til the very end