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Kat A. Kirchner


Hudson, SD, US

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Because( Ode to Amber)


Kat A. Kirchner

Because He is so pretty
Because He tickles you with words like feathers
Because He drives you crazy
that is why you love him

Because He is so ugly on the inside
Because He lies
Because He only wants your body
that is why he uses you

Because He buys you things (to keep you near)
Because He calls you 'dear'
Because He phones once-in-a-while
that is why you fall for him

Because He makes you do things
Because even though you don't want to
Because He knows he can
that is why you feel lonely inside

Because He smiles just for you, sort of
Because He cares enough to hug you in front of his friends
Because He is reckless
that is why you care

Because He hurts you inside
Because He doesn't know your birthday
Because He flirts with all your friends and asks them out
that is how he hates you

Because You think its all your fault
Because You try to make up for your 'mistakes'
Because You slash your arms while waiting for him to call
that is how he makes you hate yourself.