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Danielle E. Kirchner


Hayward, CA, US

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Tender Moments


Danielle E. Kirchner

A stolen kiss between the racks
Wanting nothing more than sex
Wishing for nothing more than to be with each other
Waiting for some time alone
Needing to be touched
Remembering promises broken.

A gaze across a crowded store
Wanting it to be empty
Wishing to be with each other in between the racks
Waiting to buy a condom
Needing each other
Remembering stolen kisses.

A hug at the end of the day
Wanting it to never end
Wishing it was the beginning of the day again
Waiting for the end of it
Needing to hold on
Remembering the days together.



Danielle E. Kirchner

just dont want it
just dont need it
i cant take it
i cant break it

I want to leave and forever be happy. The only happy is not here. I have no one, I am alone. No one cares, no one knows. I've tried to tell them but they dont want to listen, i cant sit around pissin
my life away
its gone down the drain watch it slowly twisting down into the tunnel of a life gone sour. I dont have the power.
I wish for peace
I wish for freedom
I wish i could just leave them stupid losers
They dont know me
Leaving me forever lonly.



Danielle E. Kirchner

With every passing day
She grows a little older
Bones creak a little more
Count a nother wrinkle
She grows a little older
Hands shake a little more
Harder to consintrate
She grows a little older
Yet if you ask her to take a mirakle pill
Surgury that will cover up the years
She will shake her head and say,
" I have lived my life out, and seen all it has to offer.
Now I will wait for death to take me
To the one place I have not seen."
She grows a little older

Never Seen Befor


Danielle E. Kirchner

Who knows
It's new
Never tried
Never seen befor
Never writen
Read, discribed
Never noticed
Never loved
Never hated
Never seen befor