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Marietta Kirchen


Kaiserslautern, Germany

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Marietta Kirchen

If words could love,
your words had loved me
with the intensity
of all love in the world.

If words could kill,
your words had killed me
with the intensity
of all hate in the world.

meaning so much
And yet
being so meaningless.



Marietta Kirchen

DreamMachineThis poem was translated by Carlos Wood
The Dream Machine --- The Imagination of the World Wide Web


Se palavras pudessem amar,
suas palavras tinham me amado
com a intensidade
de todo o amor no mundo.

Se palavras pudessem matar,
suas palavras tinham me matado
com a intensidade
de todo o ódio no mundo.

significam tanto
E ainda
tão sem sentido.



Marietta Kirchen

You promised me to fly with me
Like a kite in an endless sky.
You promised me to love me forever
In my arms you wanted to die.

You promised me to be my friend
This bond - you thought - is too deep.
You promised me to never promise
What you cannot keep.

I still can feel your promises,
like a warm summer rain,
running down my thursty skin,
putting down the pain.

Hope was rising up and growing
With each word you said.
Uncertainty was slowly dying
Faith was born instead.

This faith I had put in your love
It destroyed my soul inside.
When I saw your suffering face
The truth no longer able to hide.

Now your promises are memories
And the realization hurts -
That all of those nice promises
After all had been only words.

For Jose