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Alexander King


London, England, UK

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Inspire Me


Alexander King

Argh! Mental block, no flow,
Somebody help me,
Nothing that I write seems to stick together remotely.
My words just won't go, so,
I hit me your CD,
And drift away to your tunes, help me, please inspire me.

Eminem begins to yell,
Gets me fired up,
I write a verse so angry, it'll make ya hair stand up.
Elton John comes on,
Launches Rocket Man,
Out comes some crazy stuff that even I don't understand.

Britney gets real bouncy
And my rhyme goes pop,
Find a new silver disc real quick before I just can't stop,
David Bowie confuses me,
And Lennon hurts my brain,
Destiney's Child keep goin 'til I cant even "Say My Name"

I find Michael Jackson
Takes away the gloom,
But it's hard to write at all as I moonwalk round the room,
Every artist that I hear,
Or read, whos works I see,
Please understand, I love you all, you really inspire me.



Alexander King

Have I committed a crime that I do not know?
For seeds are now scattered that I did not sow,
Nor light the fire that does now brightly glow,
Yet I sit here in chains, for reasons unknown.

You'd tell me, my love, I thought you would say,
Did something I've done make you go away?
For there's no letter to read, no call, though I pray,
I ask myself incessently.. Why couldn't you stay?

Suzi's Dream (I Heard)


Alexander King

I heard the saddest tale the other day,
'bout some girl who just couldn't stay,
Life just too much, had to check out,
Couldn't live a life in constant doubt.

I heard the lady's tale from a friend,
That this girl had just come to the end,
Her tears tellin more than words can say,
Had nowhere to go, had nowhere to stay.

I heard that Suzi's dream was now through,
That her foot just wouldn't fit the shoe,
So pointless to live just to pretend,
Felt like a letter with no one to send.

I heard that Suzi fell one hundred feet,
That the girl had drank two bottles neat,
Changing not something that she could do,
Just too long believed in a game untrue.



Alexander King

I'm here again,
Lost again,
Searching for the why, the when.
Lost again,
In fear again,
Came so far, but I'm here again.

Don't Do It Again


Alexander King

Back when you and me where liviní one on one,
Scared in case the other one was thinkiní to run,
We used to lock each other up in misery girl,
Yelliní matches accusiní love for somebody else,
It never seemed to matter that we both felt the same,
Neither of us interested in playiní secretive games,
With ladies and guys and always living with lies,
Tryna disguise from all the neighbourhood spies,
We didnít want that, wanted just you and me,
But not trusting each other tore us up at the seams,
You know, I ainít sure if Iíve loved the same again,
But I do know that the hurtiní when split was insane,
Your family hated me, mine werenít keen on you,
But we said "This is our life, and we gotta be true"
Itís a pity we didnít listen long to our own words,
Let doubts take over our minds, kill the love birds,
But still lover, that was years ago, grown older,
Yet I still think of you, when a lover turns colder,
When I worry itís over, and, well, it usually is,
Just like a rum and coke thatís lost itís fizz,
Well, you live and learn! What a lesson to learn,
What a thing to throw away, just watched it burn,
So baby, I donít know what Iím trying to say,
But I just hope neither of us ever do that again.

Now I've Found You


Alexander King

"If we die,
The skies will doubtless cry,
The love we have be gone,
A time empty, so wrong."

Beautiful words,
Take flight high with birds,
These things I only can tell,
A stranger I know so well,
Deep inside,
Where before always we cried,
Are refreshed, filled anew,
With 'us',
Now I've found you.

Where before,
Doors were secured, locked,
And behind, mysteries called,
I waited for you enthralled,
Cold nights,
Alone, needing your light,
I know that this is true,
It's so real,
Now I've found you.

Blind hope,
Struggle each day to cope,
Without love by my side,
In you this I now confide,
Be here forever,
And I swear I'll leave never,
I feel amongst the lucky few,
Fate has smiled,
Now I've found you.

Always Here


Alexander King

Gave you my life,
Gave you my soul,
I gave you everything,
And now you need to go?
Such pain inside me,
Say not in love,
What now is left for me?
When all's just not enough.

Just can't believe you've done to me,
What you've done to me, taken all of me,
The spirit once deep inside of me,
Has now gone from me, you've emptied me.

Just still need you beside, with me, here.
Just need your love inside of me, here.


Baby you're crying,
Still saddens me,
I should be angry but
Your tears are all I see.
Why don't you stay,
We'll work it through,
I can't go on baby,
If this life's without you.

I won't believe you've said to me,
What you said to me, you lied to me,
The love so strong inside of me,
It's now killing me, you're killing me.

Just still need you beside, with me, here.
Just need your love inside of me, here.

Here. Always here.

(c)2001 Alexander King
All Rights Reserved.