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Diandra King


Bridgetown, Barbados

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Rainy Days


Diandra King

Looking through the rain splattered glass
Navy blues, dark greens, greys browns.
Bodies snuggled under their plastic shells
Fany designs on wooden sticks
Distorted faces in water bubbles
Matted hair
Wet clothes
Soggy socks
Filthy shoes
Dirty puddles

Dias Chuvosos


Diandra King

DreamMachineThis poem was translated by Carlos Wood
The Dream Machine --- The Imagination of the World Wide Web

Olhando pela chuva salpicada no vidro
Azuis marinho, verdes escuro, tornam-se cinza dourados.
Corpos se aconchegaram debaixo de suas conchas de plástico
Desenhos engraçados em bengalas de madeira
Faces torcidas em bolhas d'água
Cabelos emaranhados
Roupas molhadas
Meias encharcadas
Sapatos imundos
Poças sujas