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Theresa King


Nixa, MO, US

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Restless Soul


Theresa King

Deep within my restless soul,
Lies pain and death and misery.
Though my days are getting low,
I wonder what it is you see.
I can't imagine living life
Without beauty all around
To keep me whole through daily strife
And keep my feet upon the ground.
A fresh spring rain and summer storm
And winter's freezing snow
Merely seem to be the norm
Upon the Earth we know.
A flock of birds or timid deer,
Who pass me by each day,
Are simply things that I revere
To show me the right way.
A life of love and happiness
Is not to be my Fate.
But beauty in the wilderness
Is better by far than hate.
The hypocrites of society
Can keep their snobbish rules.
Their modesty and propriety
Are the shields of fools.
I prefer to keep my pain,
An honest thing at least,
And turn my lonely life to gain
With beauty's sumptuous feast.
So leave me with my restless soul
And let me live my life.
Beauty is my one true goal
Against this world of strife.

A Parent's Quest


Theresa King

Suffused with warmth, enveloped in love.
There's no better feeling below or above.
Watching children laugh and play,
And grow a little more each day.
Learning to sit, and then to roll.
Learning to talk, and then to stroll.
Each new step on the ladder of life
Will help them deal with daily strife.
Teach them to share and take their turn.
A child is always eager to learn.
Each new thing they learn to do
Is taught by loving folks like you.
A child taught with love and care,
By parents who are always there,
Will grow up strong and brave and true
And always be there for you too.
So be there for them when they need
A helping hand with any deed.
Fix their hurts and wipe their tears.
Help them through their growing years.